Thursday, December 18, 2014

Got Any Holiday Gift Ideas?

"Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?" is the question of the hour, with the slight variation of, "Are you ready for Christmas."

The answer--this year and every year--is a resounding no. Only this year is worse than normal. Normally, I have an idea of what I'm buying people for the holidays. This year, I'm fresh out of ideas. Part of this is my fault. I've decided to break the mold and not buy people books this year. I'm a librarian and an author, so books are my stand-by gift, but I wanted to try something new this year. Silly me.*

I've plowed through many of the gift lists online and nothing has struck my fancy. Time is running out. Available shopping days before Christmas are going to disappear and I'm already late for Hanukkah.

Basically, I'm asking the Superromance community for gift ideas. Good gifts for parents, brothers, aunts, friends (with kids and without), coworkers--if you've got suggestions, then I want them.

I'll even reward you for them. I'll give one commentor a signed copy of one of my books. You even get to pick from Winning Ruby Heart, Weekends in Carolina, or A Promise for the Baby. I'll announce the winner of the book on Saturday, December 27th.

*Note: I'm not making such a vow next year. Next year, I'm getting books for EVERYONE!


Mary Preston said...

I'm done!! Not boasting or anything.

What were you thinking? Books are the perfect gift. There is something for everyone.

I can't help. I bought books.

Natalija said...

In my opinion, gift cards are the best presents, so people can get exactly what they want.

Kaelee said...

I am not done yet. I need to buy some more stocking stuffers. It would be real easy to buy things if I didn't have to worry about the cost.

I am amazed that you can buy books for people. I find that one of the hardest things to do as I never know what they have read or own or like.

My favorite gift to receive is a gift certificate to a book store or a department store that has a book section. Pure bliss.

I'm a foodie so fancy things to eat or cook with are nice. I also love kitchen gadgets. I know not everyone would be happy with a block of expensive cheese but I am.

mary sullivan said...

Jennifer, this year I made up what I'm calling 'de-stress boxes.' Every one I know seems to be super busy and stressed, so throughout the fall, every time I went to the local farmers' markets, or the annual agricultural winter fair I attend every year, or local craft shows, I picked up small jars of honey, tiny beeswax candles, blended herbal teas, cheddar cheese and maple shortbread cookies, chocolates, goat cheese caramel sauce that's supposed to be incredible on ice cream (wish I'd picked up a jar for myself!)…that sort of thing…all local ingredients in support of local artisans and producers that I put together in boxes. I'm hoping the recipients will be able to relax and de-stress after the holiday rush is over!

Photo Spread said...

I also am no where near done. I've gotten gift cards for the impossible-to-buy-for relatives, I'm re-gifting a couple of things to take care of a few other people, and I've relied on wish-lists for most of the rest. Lottery scratch-off tickets can be stocking stuffers. Homemade food is always good, too. (I'm baking brownies for one person this year.) Good luck!

Colleen C. said...

I have been done for weeks... I am so proud of myself! As for gift ideas... I always look at what an individual likes or something I think goes with their personality... For those I can not figure out... I get restaurant gift cards or I make something like an ornament, a card, jewelry, etc... Wishing you the best with your gift ideas... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Anonymous said...

I am done shopping, just need to start wrapping and put our Christmas tree up. I did get Winning Ruby's Heart for me (I end up buying my Christmas gifts most years. I do love to give books

bn100 said... cards, gift baskets, gift certificates, lotion

Kaelee said...

Hoot! You inspired me. I went to a local farmer's market today and got a lot of gifts there ~ honeyed nuts, pickled peas and beans, gluten free treats and dairy free treats. Just need to pick up one or two small things and I'm done. Only have to do a bit of organizing what goes where and wrap two gifts . Wrapping will be easy as I use gift bags

Unknown said...

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions! I love Mary Sullivan's idea and will be taking it for at least one person.

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