Tuesday, November 11, 2014

With Gratitude...

Today is Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.  So today I'd like to set aside all talk of books and writing and just say an enormous and heartfelt thank you to all of our veterans.

My stepsister served in the military.  When my stepmother asked her why she'd decided to make her career there she answered, "because I'm a warrior."  It was what she felt called to do.  It was what she needed to do.

I am NOT a warrior.  Far from it!  The sacrifices our veterans have made are mind boggling for me.  From the obvious and terrifying thought of fighting in wars, to the everyday sacrifice of missing out on important milestones in their families' lives, my brain can barely fathom the size of the commitment our veterans made for our countries.  And I'm a writer -  I have a pretty good imagination!

So Happy Veterans Day.  Happy Remembrance Day.  And most of all, THANK YOU!

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Colleen C. said...

Happy Veteran's Day... bless them all for their service!

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