Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wonders All Around Us or a Pile of Dirt?

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a reader or because I'm a writer, but I've always been tuned into nature and my surroundings. I can still remember the smell and feel of the dirt behind the home I grew up in Western New York. It was tangy, rich and earthy (of course) as compared to where I live now in Pennsylvania where the ground is solid clay and filled with rocks of all sizes. Yet a volunteer pansy made its way through the cracks in our patio!
Volunteer Pansy or Weed?

I notice the expression on the grocery cashier's face and wonder if she's a college student worried about mid-terms, or a grandmother wondering how much longer she'll have to work past what's considered "retirement age."
If my family isn't as enthralled as I am with my foray into Indian spices or Japanese cuisine, I chalk it up to my reader/writer malady: perception. I perceive things differently.

Do you, too?

I think that readers and writers all share the common need to experience life on a different plane. Sometimes it's to escape or entertain, but a lot of the time it's to appreciate this moment, today.

Romance is my go-to genre for being led through a story that I know will not only be emotionally satisfying at the end, it will be colorful on the way there.

I felt that way when I read Great Expectations, and I feel that way with the novels written today. In film, The Sound of Music remains my measuring stick for romance amidst the harsh realities of war. More recent examples of a wide-range of perception for me on film include American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks. Though neither is a romance, per se, they both have that sense of HEA for the protagonists.

What stories--written or on film, have filled your life with a rainbow of experiences?

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