Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Cathryn Said...

Cathryn Parry gave us such a wonderful recap of RWA14 in San Antonio, Texas on Monday that I thought I'd add some of my own photos (hey, I'm not above using the good ideas of others!).
Here's Super authors Jennifer Lohmann and Jeannie Watt with me at the Harlequin Party:
 And my roommate, Harlequin Carina author Ann DeFee at her signing:
 Both of my roommates, Ann DeFee and Heidi Hormel, laughing at some wonderful joke I just told (I wish!):
My favorite part of RWA is seeing authors that I met maybe even at my very first RWA National (in, gulp, 2000). It is so heartwarming and thrilling to hug a sister (or sometimes fellow) writer who has continued to write and publish through all of life's tribulations. You know, the kind of tribulations we write about in Superromance, but with often better endings than we might get in real life!
I haven't attended each and every RWA since 2000 due to our previous military life, with all the moves in the summer. But since being back (and retired from military life) Stateside permanently, I've made the last three in a row: Anaheim, CA, Atlanta, GA and San Antonio, TX. I have to say the weather in CA was most agreeable. GA was great for me because I was able to see relatives I usually don't (they moved from Western New York when I was a girl to escape the cold winters). TX was the absolute best for food (Mexican--the REAL kind!) and "other things to do." I finally got to see the inside of the Alamo after several trips to San Antonio for my Navy life. It was like all sacred places are, where people gave their lives for a cause. Quiet, hushed, somber and sad. A reminder of what really matters.
The absolute most fun was dining and exploring the Riverwalk. A great way to take a break from the constant noise that is inherent in a large conference, and cozy places to enjoy great food with fantastic people.
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Enjoy your day!


Cathryn Parry said...

I love the photos, Geri! It was so wonderful seeing you in San Antonio.
Yes, I felt that way at the Alamo, too. Read each name on the church memorial. Very sad.
Take care, Cathryn

Kaelee said...

Having read about San Antonio in many books, I enjoy hearing about it in real life as well. I'd love to visit there some winter when it's so cold here and more temperate there.

Lovely pictures. I've been blog hopping looking at all the photos from the RWA.

Geri Krotow said...

Cathryn, it's always great to see you no matter where, and I think it's nice that we saw each other so far south of our homes (both Cathryn and I live in the North). We were the ones with the flushed faces every time we went outside, but it was so worth it!

Geri Krotow said...

Hi Kaelee! I first learned about San Antonio in a romance novel back in high school, so I know what you mean. The RWA photos sure are plentiful this year, aren't they? I'm enjoying them, too. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mary Preston said...

The pictures are fun!!

Geri Krotow said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary! It was as fun as it looks.

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