Friday, August 1, 2014

The RWA National Red Carpet

One of the best parts about attending the RWA National Conference is the chance to see romance writers shed their usual attire (yoga pants, tee shirts, and pony tails) to glam it up for such events as the Harlequin party and the RITA/Golden Heart awards ceremony. As you can see, the Super Authors were very well represented at these festivities!

Here is Holt Medallion winner Cathryn Parry in her classic (and beautifully classy!) black and white awards ceremony finery. She's posing for us in front of the desk where attendees could order flash drives containing all of the workshops that were taped during the conference - one of those spots that gets increasingly busy as the conference progresses!
 Jennifer Lohmann (who won the National Readers Choice award for Best First Book!) went with this adorable silver (platinum? I suck at color commentary) dress for the awards. The flash of bright red from the shoes adds such a lovely whimsical touch!
Not only are these ladies gorgeous and talented, they're related! That's new-to-Supers (but well-established-in-other-lines) author Joanne Rock on the right, posing before the Harlequin party with her sparkly sister-in-law Karen Rock, who writes for Harlequin Heartwarming.

And here we have Jeannie Watt, totally rocking a dress that - are you ready for this? - she made herself. Yes indeed, folks. Jeannie loves to make clothing from vintage patterns, and this, from the 1955 Vogue collection, is stunning proof that the classics never go out of style.


Kaelee said...

Lovely pictures. I know Kris wasn't at the conference so some one else had to have taken the photos. I love to haunt the blogs and see conference pictures.

I marvel at Jeanie's sewing prowess!

Rula Sinara said...

Beautiful photos! It was so great to hang out with Cathryn, Karen and Jeannie at Nationals! They're all such talented, gracious and elegant women :).

kris said...

Kaelee, I asked the authors to have a friend take their picture & send it to me. Many many thanks to Cathryn, Jennifer, Joanne/Karen, and Jeannie for helping to make this feature happen.

And Rula, sweetie, you know a thing or two about talent and grace, yourself!

Cathryn Parry said...

Kris, thanks for posting these! The conference was so much fun--I'm still not finished recuperating. (Rula, are you? :-)

Also, I'm waving hello to Kaelee! :-)

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