Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Question Of The Month: the Back to School Edition

We posed this question to the Super authors this month: 

With kids in North America heading back to school, can you share with us a "first day of school" memory?

Tara Taylor Quinn: I can only think of one back to school memory.  I only had one child, who started classes at Arizona State University when she was five, as part of a special program, and then enrolled in college level classes when she was eight.  I chaperoned her to class every single day until she graduated with her third degree when she was seventeen.  Every quarter, a couple of days before classes started, we’d take her schedule and go down to campus to find all of the rooms.  Not all that unusual, but in our case, we weren’t looking so that we’d know where to take her to class, we had to scout out electrical outlets so that I could plug in my laptap to be able to work while I waited outside of her class, and still be able to keep her door in sight.  We had to plan so she’d know right where to look for me.  And so that I knew I could keep her safe and still be able to work.  I wrote a lot of books with my backside on cold tile hallway floors!

Joanne Rock: My clearest first day of school memory was the excitement before Kindergarten. I'd chosen a Bugs Bunny book bag--blue with straps--and hung it on my doorknob before bed. I couldn't wait to use it and be a big girl and go to school. Plus, Bugs was just so *cool.* It's a happy memory for me. And I still love prepping for first days!

Pamela Hearon:  My most memorable first day happened not when I was a student but when I was the teacher in the 8th grade Language Arts class in our small town.  The first day of school that year was just a one-hour day.  Meet the students, lay out the rules, yada yada yada.  When the bell rang, one young man stayed behind, obviously wanting to talk one-on-one.  I didn't hurry him, and finally he walked over to where I was standing in front of my desk.  He took a deep breath, and said, "Mrs. H, I didn't do so good last year in the 7th grade, and I really want to do better this year."  I told him I was glad to hear that.  "Yeah," he answered.  "So if I start falling behind this year, I just want you to kick my ass."  His word choice caught me by surprise, but the look in his eyes told me he wasn't being cheeky.  I nodded solemnly and assured him I would.  He wasn't the brightest of the bunch that year, but he was a hard worker, so I never really had to kick his ass--just had to nudge him a bit.  We got along great. :-)

Jennifer Lohmann:  We used to watch for the bus through a sliding glass door. We could see it coming about a 1/4 mile away, giving us plenty of time to get out of the house and to the stop. Or, that was my brother's experience. He's six years older than I am so I watched him watch for the bus for years before it was my turn. On that first day of school, I was so excited when I saw the bus that I walked right into the door! 

Kristina Knight: I'll never forget my first day of first grade - because my grandmother was my teacher! We attended a rural school, complete with shared classrooms (1st/2nd together, 3rd/4th, etc) - and I knew she would be my teacher, but when I walked in that morning and she was right there at the desk, all my nervousness about being with older kids disappeared because I knew nothing could be bad if my grandmother was involved.

Claire McEwen: What I remember about the first day of school is the excitement of new clothes! I was the youngest of four girls so I mainly wore hand-me-downs.  Extremely outdated hand-me-downs!  But once a year we went school shopping and I got an outfit or two for the year - and of course I wore my new clothes on the first day of school!

Amber Leigh Williams:  Memories of the first day of school always came with a good deal of fluttering in my tummy. Not the good kind, unfortunately. I was extremely introverted as a child and the idea of walking into a new classroom with a new teacher and new classmates was enough to make me beg my mother to take me to work with her when she tried to drop me off in the morning. She always left an encouraging note and Hershey's kisses in my lunch, though. And I would sometimes sneak my favorite book into my backpack. Even if I didn't get to read it, it helped knowing that it was there! 

Kris Fletcher: I am totally going to cheat here. I have tons of First Day memories, both for myself and my kids, but as the mom of a large, sprawling family (my youngest will start grade 3 next week, my oldest will be in the final year of his second Master's while working full time), my very favorite back to school memory will always be this: 

Now readers, we're dying to know: what are some of YOUR First Day of School memories?


Mary Preston said...

I can remember one year that my banana was too big for my lunch box. Not an auspicious start to the year.

kris said...

Mary, that made me laugh! I can't imagine a banana that big. You poor thing!

Laney4 said...

I was teary-eyed walking back out of the school but, by the time I got to my car, I was fist pumping and saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I believe that's called mixed emotions, LOL.

kris said...

Laney, LOL, I think all parents can empathize with that one!

Snookie said...

I don't remember any of my first day of school experiences, but I do remember sitting in the cafeteria in high school and playing cards before school and during lunch. I remember going to school even though we had a teacher strike (if I stayed home, I'd have to work on the farm).

kris said...

Snookie, I had a teacher strike, too! My final year of high school. And oh, I think everyone has cafeteria stories :-)

Kaelee said...

I can't remember a lot of first days at school but I will never forget the first day of seventh grade. I had been excited all summer as our school district had built a new junior/senior high in the town about five miles away. I was going to be in one of the 7th grades with kids from that town who I had never met before. The day before school started I got stung by a wasp near my right eye. My whole right side of my face was so swollen I could not really see clearly out of that eye. My father and an aunt were teachers. A swollen eye was no excuse to stay home from school. It turned out to be a conversation starter and not too bad for my fragile state of mind.

kris said...

Oh Kaelee, what a start! Thank heaven it all turned out okay.

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