Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free Books In Exchange For Review (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Looks like a photo we purchased, but Tim took this
with my phone yesterday.
I'll talk about this month's ttq offer in a moment.  First, I wanted to share a really cool experience I had yesterday.  Tim and I were celebrating our anniversary.  We'd gone away for the night, just the two of us.  No dogs to cater, to.  And while we had our cell phones in case of emergency, we neither texted, nor checked our email.  Neither of us had or made a single phone call.

We had tentative plans.  We had a room, a wine and romance package, up the mountain a bit from Phoenix.  We had a great time.  And got up Monday morning for the trip home with neither of us wanted the celebration to end.  He suggested we stop at this place we'd both heard about, Out of Africa.  I knew of it because years ago, it had been housed not far from my home.  He knew about it because of a road sign that read that it was only a few miles from where we were staying.  I used my phone just long enough to google them.  And found out that I got in free because it was my birthday month.  It seemed like an omen.

We went, not knowing what to expect.  And maybe not expecting all that much.  We were happy just to be spending some time outdoors, exploring, and being together without responsibility weighing us down.  What we found was the most incredible experience.  It was as though fate had led us there, as the sights and sounds were of a quality to raise excitement.  Like we were kids again.  We, the people, were the caged animals in many parts of this huge animal resort.  The rhinoceros had six acres of natural desert and we had to stay off his land.  But we got to watch him.  The crocodile had his own natural habitat where he was free to roam.  A giraffe came right up to the open air all terrain vehicle we were on.  We fed him celery. 

And the lions and tigers and bears...most of these animals were rescues.  There is a single owner of the land and the animals - a couple - who have been rescuing exotic animals for more than thirty years.  These animals are their family.  And they have been raised in a protected 'wild.'  Their natural instincts are catered to, and respected.  The people who care for them do so at their own risk.

In my mind, I was witnessing, becoming a part of, the blending of spirit and heart and nature that every living being could experience if we were so willing.  It's all just a matter of respect.  Of being willing to respect.

And now, for the offers...

1.  You are all invited to join my open Friendship board on Pinterest.  http://www.pinterest.com/tarataylorquinn/friendship/.  We're just getting started, there are only a few of us there (some Super authors and former Super authors, too) but the idea is to pin quotes and pics of friends.  To celebrate friendship.  To focus on one of the most vital aspects of survival - our friendships.  Please join us!  It's completely free.  No strings attached.

2.  For the month of August - and in celebration of my September Superromance release Husband By Choice, the third book in my Where Secrets Are Safe series - I'm giving away e-copies of both books one and two - Wife By Design, Superromance 2/14; and Once A Family, Superromance 6/14 to EVERYONE who posts a review on Amazon of my June MIRA release, The Friendship Pact.  http://www.amazon.com/Friendship-Pact-Tara-Taylor-Quinn-ebook/dp/B00IB5BS8Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407260598&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Friendship+Pact.  One review of The Friendship Pact on Amazon, and you will receive my two most recent Superromances.  Email staff@tarataylorquinn.com once the review is posted to receive free offer.

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Mary Preston said...

A very cool experience.

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