Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Celebrating Read a Romance Month

by Liz Talley

First....I know. I haven't been here in forever. And I have to apologize. It's not that I didn't want to blog here. Of course I did. It's that it took me forty forevers to figure out how to log back on. Silly as it is, I kept putting the wrong combinations of email accounts, passwords, etc. Computers sometimes confuse me, so thanks to wonderful Kris Fletcher who looked up the proper account. After I rooted around on my messy, I'm-in-the-middle-of-deadline-panic desk, I found my cheat sheet of passwords and I FINALLY figured out how to post.


So it's been a while since I've posted and I must say I've missed the being able to post on a blog where I can talk about general things - my cat, the fact the summer has been so nice in Louisiana or what I've been reading lately (mostly YA). I often post on a blog for writers so it's usually about the business or craft of writing. So it's nice to be back in a place where we can talk about all sorts of things.

But today I wanted to talk about a cool event happening as we sit here sipping or coffee (or tea...or wine :)) August is romance month. Didn't know that. But it is. I heard an advertisement on the radio urging husbands to order their wives a little pick-me-up bouquet. As if we didn't need another reason to nag their poor husbands and boyfriends. So I think the hottest month of the year is, well,  officially the hottest month of the year, and the romance writing industry has gotten involved. Over at journalist Bobbi Dumas created a wonderful event that brings top-notch, best-selling romance authors together in one place to blog each day about the impact and value of reading romance. There are also great prizes and fun opportunities for readers to be introduced to new writers.

How great it is that we have an entire month to celebrate romance?

Well, I think it's fabulous.

So let's share a bit about why you love reading romance as opposed to, say, books about trimming your toenails. For me, reading romance was an extension of a fairy tale. As a child I loved Cinderella. Yeah, I know we all like Cinderella. But I loved the drama - the whole drudgery, mean stepmother and, of course, the clueless prince. The worse it got for Cinderella, the more I couldn't look away. But always, always I knew that good would triumph. Somehow she'd find a way to slip her dainty, perfect little foot into that sparkling slipper and become what she was always meant to be - special. Romance made me believe that one day, I, too would be special. That I would find a man who would search the entire kingdom for the perfect woman. And when it happened to me (no, I don't have glass slippers but it did happen), I wanted that feeling to happen again and again.

That's what romance brings to me - that feeling, that sigh, that knowledge that the bitchy, mean stepsisters don't get to win.

So tell me why you love romance....and don't forget to pop by the RARB blog to celebrate romance with other best-selling authors. You can also visit the FB page at

And I'm celebrating my 13th SuperRomance this month - The Sweetest September - and a rerelease of A Little Texas. I've got much to be thankful of which is being back on the blog with YOU!


Maureen Howard said...

I have to agree. The knowledge that love always wins always brings me back for more. Also I love knowing I can escape the negativity of the world for the journey of two hearts.

Kristina Mathews said...

Welcome back to the blog. I pop in from time to time.

I hear you on the passwords. I forgot to have my son pick up his schedule for Junior year because they have a new online system and I put off registering and creating yet another password so I could check to see that yes, our emergency information is the same. So he can't get his schedule until the first day of school.

Why do I love romance? Because it doesn't require a password. Seriously, I used to think there was this magic code that would make boys fall in love with me. IF I wore the right clothes (which I never did), listened to the right music (my tastes varied, depending on my mood), or maybe I should wear really big earrings and I could lure the boys in that way.

I eventually figured out that the best boyfriends started out as friends. But my best friend is and always has been my husband of 21 years.

I discovered that love can happen to anyone. I didn't have to be rich or popular, I didn't have to train to be a model or just look like one (I dropped out before we got to hair), I just had to believe that love was possible. I wouldn't have believed that if I hadn't read romance.

liztalley said...

Oh, escape is such a good thing, Maureen. And in today's world, where we run, run, run, sitting down with a book is like finding an automatic escape hatch. And, Lord knows, we so need it sometimes. I love a rainy Sunday afternoon where all I have to do is lose myself. It's the best therapy...and love wins. Yay!

liztalley said...

Jeez, Kristina, that's so beautiful. Yeah, there's no password, no secret to love. And I agree with you - best friends make the best loves. My husband and I started the same way, and I know we'll be together as long as we're in this life because we're friends to. We really like each other...well, most days. LOL.

Love your answer!

Kaelee said...

I read romance all year round and very little else. I watch minimal TV but the bad news always seems to find me. I need the HEAs to combat the daily dose of bad news.

liztalley said...

Yeah, Kaelee, when I turn on IE my homepage is MSNBC so the first headlines are always cruddy. People dead, people missing, planes crashing. Reading a romance is a prescription to lift us up from the crappiness of life. So glad those HEA stories are there for us...and they don't cost all that much. Think of what you're saving in therapy!

Mary Preston said...

Romance is all about the heart. It's feelings & longings & love & I don't think you can ever have too much of it.

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