Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Question Of The Month: The Dream Job Edition

This month we asked the Super authors to answer an oldie but a goodie: 
What is your dream profession, and why? (Other than writing, of course.) 

Tara Taylor Quinn: My dream profession really is writing!  From the time I was six years old and had my first short story published in a grade school publication I told everyone that I was going to be a writer someday.  When I was fourteen and received a free copy of Harlequin Romance from the grocery store checkout line, I announced that I was going to write for Harlequin.  I got a lot of pats on the head.  But I didn’t care.  I didn’t ever change my mind.  I can’t think of any other job I’d be happy doing.

Jennifer Lohmann:  Besides librarian? My dream job would be epidemiologist. Sadly, I didn't realize that was a *thing* until too late in college to easily change. I guess I could have changed later and stayed in school longer. Anyway, as a kid and teen, I loved reading books on yellow fever, Ebola, cholera, etc. I thought that meant I would have to be a virologist or cell biologist or something, so I worked in labs in high school. I HATED lab work. HATED it. I thought I must just like reading about disease, not studying it. I looked for something else to study that would be practical and result in job opportunities after college--economics. Then in an economic demography class my fourth year of college, I learned the term epidemiology and realized that the patterns--more then the biology--were what interested me in all those outbreak books. Looking back, it probably wasn't too late to adjust my studies and follow that path, but I'd taken almost no hard science in college, though economics gave me a good grounding in statistics and modeling.

All that said, I love being a public librarian. I love my job. I just wish it involved more travel.

Kris Fletcher: Singer, hands down. I love to sing and my kids all know that in my world, life is an Elvis movie and everything is a song cue. I wouldn't need fame. But to have the ability to move people with my voice? To give voice to joy, to let people know they're not alone when they hurt, to just plain get people up and swaying and singing along? Yeah. That would absolutely work for me. 
Too bad I sound like a cow in labor when I try to sing ...

And now, readers, we're dying to know - what is your dream job? 


Mary Preston said...

I think my dream profession would be to be paid to read.

kris said...

Oh Mary, that sounds soooooooo appealing!

Anonymous said...

From MarcieR

Since I'm not published and not getting paid, I think I can say my dream job is writing.
Even if I worked part-time and got paid to write - that would be dreamy.

Unknown said...

@Mary Preston:

Being paid to read sounds dreamy! Lots of people assume that's what I do as a librarian and I wish it were true. All my reading (for the two book clubs I run) happens on my own free time.

I think you can say that too! And hopefully you will get to say, "other than writing, of course" the next time this question is asked.

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