Monday, April 14, 2014

Super Spring Inspiration

Wonky weather has hit my neck of the woods again--it feels more like summer than spring yet we're predicted to get a "wintry mix" by tomorrow. I imagine we'll all need to reassess the calendar dates we've traditionally associated with each season, but as a writer I've learned that I have to grab inspiration wherever and whenever it's given.
Ask any Superromance author about this and I think you'll find we all have to write whether or not we feel "inspired." And thank goodness--we have a rich collection of stories from a group of exceptionally talented ladies who pour their hearts onto the page with each book.
It's the main reason I'm writing the Whidbey Series--I lived on Whidbey Island for a total of five years. I know it and love it.
Today, after I reach my writing goals, I need to clean out the flower beds of any remaining dead clippings or plants. I also need to clean out a couple of cupboards, but, well, they can wait until the weather turns sour, right?
A Field on my Spring Evening Walks
I'll bet you have a list of things that need to be done today--whether you're "inspired" to do them or not. What's top on that list?


kris said...

We have the same weather, Geri. It seems that around here, those "average" spring temperatures are achieved by alternating days of summer and winter. Yeesh!

I just, just competed my 2500 words for today - the big "must do" for the day. Now it's time to dive into the rest of it. But first I get to go to a talk at my local library on blacksmithing. The hero of my next book is a backyard hobby blacksmith, so I am really looking forward to this talk!

Geri Krotow said...

Kris, I wish I could listen to your talk. I had no idea that people still blacksmithed as a hobby. Congrats on hitting your word count!

Mary Preston said...

I'm actually cleaning out my messy craft cupboards. It's kind of fun though. Perhaps because there is more discovering than cleaning going on.

Geri Krotow said...

That's great inspiration, Mary! I went and cleaned out my bathroom closet/medicine chest/chaotic mess. I now have a stack of empty organizing bins that I will use elsewhere in the house. It's all about making more time to write, right? :)

penney said...

I love the field, we live in a apartment so all I have is a small patio with some plants on it, they need to be trim and dead leaves pulled off so that's what I'll be doing today or tomorrow.

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