Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Looking for recommendations: Sailing romances

This post is inspired by an Elizabeth Essex book I picked up. I'd never read Essex, but she came to my local Lady Jane's Salon and her reading was fantastic. So, when Almost a Scandal passed my way, I picked up it. The heroine is the daughter of a naval captain who dressed up like a boy to take her brother's place on a ship during the Napoleonic Wars. The hero is the first lieutenant. It's romance novel meets Horatio Hornblower and it's fantastic.

It shouldn't really surprise me that I'm enjoying this book so much. I've liked many naval-set romances including Carla Kelly's Channel Fleet series Marrying the Captain, The Surgeon's Lady (a favorite!), and Marrying the Royal Marine. Sea Change by Darlene Marshall was fun and False Colors by Alex Beecroft was so full
of angst that I couldn't put it down.

The problem? These are all historical romances. Which isn't a problem so much as I'd love to read some contemporary romances set on navy ships. I guess you wouldn't have the cross-dressing of Almost a Scandal or Sea Change, but I still think they'd be really fun. I'm looking to y'all for recommendations. What navy set romances should I read next? Historical recommendations are okay, but contemporary are preferred. 

One lucky commenter will win a e-copy of Almost A Scandal. You don't have to suggest a book to be eligible, but you do have to live in an area where I can gift you an e-book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc (which limits me to the US, I think). I'll draw the winner on April 18th and post it on April 19th.


Mary Preston said...

I can't recall any contemporary Naval romances, but chances are I have read many Historical books that feature the Navy.

Colleen C. said...

Wow, that is a hard one... off the top of my head, I can not recall reading any Naval ship romances in Contemporary... I have read a bunch of Military ones... even ones on a base... as for Historicals... I think most of the ones I have read are pirate or privateer stories... I will have to look through my shelves and see if anything.

Sonya Heaney said...

Yeah, I could recommend half a million military romances, but nothing actually involving a ship!

In fact, the closest thing I can think of is the (fairly dreadful) Australian television show 'Sea Patrol'. Basically a very soap operaish portrayal of men and women on a Navy patrol boat!

Unknown said...


You are so kind! So glad to hear you've enjoyed ALMOST A SCANDAL. I loved writing that book.

But I am also your huckleberry. If you want contemporary naval stories, you want Heather Ashby. She has a "Love in the Fleet" series that I think is just what you want:

And she's a pal of mine, and a great stand-up gal, so give her a try. Tell her I sent you!

bn100 said...

some Johanna Lindsey Mallory books

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

cmd said...

I can't think of any naval ship romances either!

Unknown said...

Apparently I picked something really hard that I wanted to read! At least I'm in good company in not being able to name some right off the bat!

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the suggestion. I bought the Forgive and Forget and I'm looking forward to starting it. And I loved ALMOST A SCANDAL. It hit so many happy buttons for me :-)

Sonya, I'm really curious about the "Sea Patrol" show. It sounds like it could be a guilty pleasure.

Everyone else, if you come across some, please let me know. And you don't have to have suggestion to be entered to get Elizabeth's book. So, comment away!

Darlene Marshall said...

Thank you for the kind words about Sea Change, Jennifer. I'd love to read a contemporary naval romance, but I'd really like to read a contemporary Coast Guard romance! The USCG was the first modern service where women in the US armed forces served in combat, and the duties in the USCG are so varied that it's ripe for opportunity.

Kaelee said...

I read mostly Harlequin lines and I don't recall any stories that take place on a Navy ship. Geri Krotow, SuperRomance author, has a Navy series but the stories take place on Whidbey Island. Rogenna Brewer, Super Romance, writes military stories as well. Really loved Midway Between You and Me, a story with a lots of twists to the plot but no boat.

Harlequin Blaze has a series called Uniformly Hot. The heroes are all from the military but again I haven't read any with a ship in them.

Horatio Hornblower is one of my favorite literary characters. Just loved that series. It been a long time since I read it though.

Sonya Heaney said...

"Sonya, I'm really curious about the "Sea Patrol" show. It sounds like it could be a guilty pleasure."

I'm pretty sure it's up on YouTube. :) I never watched more than the odd episode here and there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Angi Morgan;s new book is Navy Seal Surrender. HI

Tawny Weber has a 4 book Seal Series HB

There are lots of Harlequin books about Navy Seals

Unknown said...


I really enjoyed Sea Change and I didn't know that about the Coast Guard. One of my favorite Brockmann books, Over the Edge, has the heroine becoming a Coast Guard pilot at the end, but she's a naval reserve pilot to begin with.

Kaelee and Tammy,

I do like military romances and read a bunch of them, but I really want the modern naval adventure romance. Maybe it's more accurate to say Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October with a love story (except not on a submarine, because I'm not sure if women are allowed on subs).

And Kaelee, if you like Horatio Hornblower, give the Essex book a read.

Unknown said...


I'll see if I can find the show!

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