Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Superauthors Keyword Recap 2014 by Rogenna Brewer

We're now averaging 450 visitors a day at  With almost 370,000 visitors in our history it's fun to take a look back at some of the keywords used to find us.  Here's a little behind the scenes humor for your entertainment.

Keyword Searches used to find

homemade crystal chain
We have a lot of crafty ladies here so I'm not surprised by this one.

man wearing nude pantyhose
Okay, well it is football season.  Confused?  Must be before your time.  
Look up Broadway Joe or Joe Namath.

superromance authors blog
Of course :)

Susan Floyd super romance
Now there's a familiar name I haven't heard in awhile.  Hi Susan!


boy(s) wearing nude pantyhose
Oh, now that's just wrong.

Guinea Pig Festival Peru
Somebody want to explain this one?

panty hose piles
What's with all the panty hose?

Chris Hemsworth gay
 Chris Hemsworth is hot.  I'm sure we've mentioned him several times without the added speculation.

Michelle Borth hot picks
Probably not going to find those here.

nude panty hose blog
I think we have Jeannie Watt to blame for the panty hose obsessed finding us.  
I do remember a blog she wrote on the subject.

shih tzu schnauzer mix
We do love our dogs.

superromance blog

athletes wardrobe malfunction
Could it be Sonny Bill?

male sports wardrobe malfunction
Again, Super Bowl time of the year.  That was years ago folks when Janet bared her boob during a half-time performance.  She sure didn't do it here.  

Victoria Dawn Lohmann
Do  you mean our Jennifer Lohmann?

Anna Sugden penguins
Anna, did I miss your post on penguins?

super authors
Thank you!  We think so :)

Sonny Bill Williams Boxe
Are you looking for Sonny Bill in boxers?  Aren't we all.

superromance authors
You found us!

You must be a regular :)

cowboys cowboys
I don't think this needs an explanation.  Love cowboys?  We've got plenty of 'em. 

Glad somebody is paying attention.

stack of books
We got 'em here!  We even give them away! Don't forget to enter our contest.  
And while you're at it pop over and enter mine

Sonny Bill Williams tattoo
Oh, Sonny <sigh>.  We love our tattooed heroes.

schnauzer doodle
Can't decide on the breed, huh?  Just know you want a mixed schanuzer (ref: keyword shih tzu).  
I don't envy your tough decision.


Mary Preston said...

This is hilarious. A tad bemused by all the pantyhose references.

I think I just followed links got lost, stumbled in & stayed.

Rogenna Brewer said...

I'm glad you found us, Mary :)

Unknown said...

This was a great list! Thanks for posting it.

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