Friday, February 21, 2014

Old Friends are the Best

By Jeannie Watt

These are awful, right?
Well, don’t tell my feet. They love these bad boys.
My trusty slippers have been through a lot with me. They’ve stayed up late to finish books on deadline. They’ve raced outside to catch the horse that escaped. They’ve gone to the clothesline to take down the laundry, even though I knew I should have stopped to put on real shoes. They’ve been there by my bedside night after night, idling, waiting for me to shove my feet into their fuzzy warmth.

The fuzzy warmth is not so fuzzy anymore, although it still seems as warm. Or maybe that’s just me not wanting to give up old trusty friends. My husband asked me about the explosion of wool on the toe of my left slipper. I have no explanation. It just appeared, but it made me realize that even trusty slippers won’t last forever.

These are my new slippers. Their journey is just beginning. They’ve yet to race outside to waylay errant livestock. They haven’t gone to the clothesline yet, or seen me through a book deadline. 

They wait beside the bed every night for me to shove my feet into their fuzzy warmth…right next to the trusty slippers that somehow still manage to find their way onto my feet.

Old habits are hard to break, old friends are hard to let go. So why do it? Do you have a trusty item of clothing that you just can't part with?


Mary Preston said...

I have a cardigan I have named my "Granny Jumper". It is purple chenille with pockets. What's not to love right? Super snug & cozy.

I have patched it up over many winters & declare that next winter I will pension it off, but next winter comes & it just begs to be worn.

Rogenna Brewer said...

LOL-Jeannie. Your slippers look like mine. Although I have a collection--the funky the better--this winter I've been a more practical pair and have worn them out :)

Kaelee said...

I have a pair of moccasins which have holes in the toes and the fur is all gone from one side. They are so comfy that I'm not throwing them out any time soon. On the other hand I was forced to throw out my winter boots as they had holes in the bottom and shoe goo just wouldn't fix them anymore.

I wear my gardening pants until the holes in them become indecent.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Mary--I love a well-worn cardigan or sweatshirt. I always wear my trusty clothing long after the "best used by" date.

Jeannie Watt said...

Rogenna--I love that you're a funky slipper person! Practical is nice, but funky frees the soul.

Jeannie Watt said...

Kaelee--Where would we be without shoe goo? I love the stuff. Confession--I once had a pair of shoes that were so worn and ugly that my mother bribed my boyfriend to throw them away.

Kristina Mathews said...

This post is so timely because I was just lamenting the fraying of one of my favorite pairs of jeans.

I bought them on my way home from my third or fourth RWA chapter meeting. The one where I was truly inspired by Virna DePaul's presentation. Her "hook" was that all women want the perfect pair of jeans. She used that as the theme of her workshop.

And for the first time, I felt comfortable in my own writing jeans. I took ownership of what I write and how I wanted to write it. I knew I wasn't going to fit into the most popular at the time trend any more than I would fit into skinny jeans.

I stopped at a department store on my way home (my town has K-Mart and Walmart and a couple of specialty stores, so a trip to Sacramento was a treat) and I bought two pairs of Levis.

Those jeans now have a hole in the knee, the top of the right back pocket is totally frayed from me keeping my phone in it and there is a big hole in the same back pocket.

I loved those jeans. But maybe it's time for me to move on. Upgrade a little bit. And find an even better pair of jeans.

penney said...

My older sister knits me slippers I just love them, the 1st pair are looking very old now but they are great! and I won't part with them.

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