Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Checking In on those Resolutions

It's mid-way through January.

Yoga classes at the gym are still filled with new faces and there is no parking to be had. The weight benches and elliptical machines are all filled. Going through the check out at the grocery store, I notice more fruits and vegetables in people's carts and fewer bags of potato chips (excepting the day before NFL playoff games, of course). Some authors and I on Twitter are practicing #frugal14 and so far, not a one of us has cheated.

But, this is a time of flux for those resolutions. Some of those people in the yoga classes will stop coming next week. The fallen will be replaced by people who aren't starting their resolutions until later in January and many of them will taper off when we get into February and March.

I will probably crack and break a #frugal14 guideline. Hopefully the shoes will be cheap.

For those of you who have made resolutions, now is a good time to check in on them. Have you started them yet? If not, when do you plan to start? If you started them, are you keeping it? And if you've already broken your resolution, can you forgive yourself enough to try again?

I'll go first. My only big resolution is #frugal14, which really boils down to more mindful spending. Before I buy new clothes, go out to dinner, etc, I need to stop and evaluate what I have. Do I *need* new shirts for work? Do I have food at home I can cook? The goal is not to never spend money, but to stop spending money with little forethought.

How am I doing fifteen days in? Okay. I did spent money to make my own chicken water heater, only to discover that my coop is so predator-proof that I have no way of running a cord in it. That was a waste of $20. But, I MADE the heater for $20 rather than spending $40 to buy one, so the mistake wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Of the questions I ask above, I think this, "And if you've already broken your resolution, can you forgive yourself enough to try again?" is the most important. It's so easy to think, "well, I skipped the gym today so the whole cause is lost and I guess I'll never go again for this year." After my chicken water heater experiment, I was able to pull back and regroup around #frugal14. In past years, I've not always been good about that.

Now it's your turn. Do you make resolutions and, if so, how are they coming.


Mary Preston said...

I don't make resolutions. I haven't for years. Just setting myself up for failure.

Unknown said...

Mary, I can see that. I'm not sure I've ever made it through the whole year on a resolution. That's usually why I don't make strict ones, but just guidelines for a better life.

kris said...

I make a list of goals for the year, and sometimes - such as this year - I include a monthly focus. In January I am working on getting more sleep. Nice to start with one that's its own reward :-)

Anonymous said...

I an doing well on my resolutions to get more sleep and read more.

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