Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deadline Zombie

by Rogenna Brewer

I'm about 12 hours in to a 24 hour flu so I'm going to keep this brief.  I wanted to talk about deadline zombies.  That's me on the left or at least how I look deep into deadline or maybe I should confess past deadline and working well into the night.

So I guess being sick afterward is all part of it too.  Turned in a book on Monday around 10am, but stayed up all Sunday night to do it after nursing a sick kiddo late into Saturday night.

Because it was mid morning and the sun was shining I didn't feel much like crawling back into bed and throwing off my sleep schedule so I stay up until just about an hour before my normal bedtime.

At some point in the day I got my second wind and caught up on a lot of things that needed my attention.  But would also just space out for no reason and kept drifting off in the tub which is when I decided, okay, time for bed before I drown myself.

After I good nights rest I woke up Tuesday ready for action.  I had a whole list of chores to tackle, not the least of which was cleaning my office.  Except I felt lazy and really didn't do anything.  By midday I started not to feel well so I had my excuse and shot a text off to my husband to make sure he knew.  Just in case he thought he was coming home to the clean house I'd bragged about that morning.

Spent the rest of the evening huddled under a blanket watching TV and thinking I should really write this post.  After Supernatural (Yes, I'm a fan of Sam and Dean Winchester) I headed upstairs to my office, sat down at my computer blew off writing this post for a few emails.  And then went to bed.

So that's a deadline Zombie for you.  At this rate it will probably take me a week to clean my office and get back in the swing of writing.

And just so this post isn't a total waste of your time I'm going to share the Dear Reader letter from my upcoming May 2012 Superromance The SEAL's Special Mission, you've heard me mention the story here under the working title A Stranger in the Family.

Dear Reader,
            Have you ever felt like chucking your old life for a new one?  While this has always been a favorite fantasy of mine, the reality is I’m far too attached to my life for that kind of change.  But what if you’d lost everything and had nothing more to lose?
            Such is the case for Kenneth Nash in The SEAL’s Special Mission.  Wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder, the Navy SEAL accepts a deal from the Feds that allows him to go deep undercover in search of the real killer.  Seven years later, his cover is blown and he must choose between the integrity of his original mission or saving the son he’s never known along with the sister-in-law who testified against him.
            There are somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 families in the Witness Protection Program, also called Witness Security Program (WITSEC).  According to the US Marshals Service, no witness who has followed the rules has ever been killed.
Some interesting facts about the program:
  • Witnesses can choose their new names, but are advised to keep current initials or same first name. 
  • Name changes are done by the court system just like any other name change, but the records are sealed.
  • Witnesses must not contact former associates or unprotected family members.  Or return to the town from which they were relocated.
  • If the witness has a criminal history, local authorities are made aware of the situation.  Only a small percentage of criminal witnesses return to a life of crime.
 Assuming you could take your loved ones with you or not if you'd rather not.  What's the one thing you couldn't give up from your present life?  Everyone who's bothered to read this far gets a FREE copy of my latest release One Star Spangled Night.  Just click on the link to and enter the promotions code: 

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: KU92V
Expires: November 27, 2013   


Colleen C. said...

Well my family and pets would be a must for me... I do not think I could function without knowing they were around... Get Well Wishes!

Laura Drake said...

I know you're not well when you misspell your own first name in a post, Rogenna!

Cut yourself some slack, go back to bed. The dirty house and errands will wait.

Feel better! And congrats on meeting that deadline!

Dyan said...

I would need my Kindle!!!

Cathryn Parry said...

Feel better, Ro! :-)

Rogenna Brewer said...

Geeze, I misspelled my own name? Better go correct that.

I found myself napping after every little task today. Until one nap just I didn't get up for 3 hours. And know what, I could still crawl back in bed.

Think I will go back to bed. Correcting my name has worn me out :?

Thanks for all the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon and thanks for the free download.

Rogenna Brewer said...

Thanks, Tammy. You're welcome for the download :)

Mary Preston said...

Get well!!

If I had close family then everything else is just stuff.

linda s said...

Aww... get well. Deadlines are killers in themselves without adding the flu.
I could not go without my nine cases of Christmas decorations. Every year for the past 43 years, our friends come to help decorate the house. And most leave a new ornament on our tree. So each ornament is a friend. And then three crates are hand made decorations from my parents when they were alive. Then I have almost 200 Santa Clauses of various sizes, many hand carved from all the countries I have visited. How could I leave it all behind?
And my bowls... And my books...
My books have my name in them... I just couldn't go. Shoot me now.

Thank you for the book! I love your stories.

Kathleen O said...

My books collection would be going with and my kindle too...
Fell better kiddo.. and thanks for the freebie..

Mary Brady said...

Rogenna, here's hoping you get better fast and your fingers fly across the keyboard no matter what.

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