Thursday, November 7, 2013


Those of us who write and read romance are lucky--we get to explore "what ifs?" on a regular basis. With each novel I write I'm able to explore my characters to their deepest depths. I don't always like what I find--is my heroine too witchy? Is the hero too unyielding? Fortunately there's a 'delete' function in my writing software--I can erase and rewrite the story, the characters, to be their very best. Not flawless, but more realistic. None of us are black-and-white; we're multi-faceted, our colors change at the most unexpected times, we feel pain as easily as joy.
And yet…sometimes it's necessary for me to accept what is. My heroine has a hard edge? Fine--instead of fighting it, I can use my writing skills, improve them, even, to show why she's less willing to show her vulnerability. Why is she so tough?
Can you tell that I'm in the midst of line edits for Navy Rescue (Superromance May 2014)? This is my last time to tweak the words so that you see the same story and characters on the page that I have in my head.
And yet…somethings are best left as they are.
Like trying to keep my rescue dog Misha dry during an early morning downpour. It doesn't work. Can you tell by the photo he's all but screaming at me "Mom, I'm a dog, and I look ridiculous in this jacket! What are the other dogs going to think?" Seconds after I snapped his baleful expression I took the coat off and he bounded to the furthest corner of the yard to do his wake-up routine. I do have micro-fiber towels to absorb the water and mud when he comes back in, however. I'm not accepting enough to let him dry off naturally all over the carpet and furniture!
Acceptance is such a gift, if I'm willing to take it. Is there something about yourself, your family, that you have been able to accept? Any tips for the for the rest of us who might have trouble letting go?


Dyan said...

Life happens...just enjoy it!

linda s said...

Alzheimer's - yesterday a friend in his 50's dropped in. We are one of the few he can recall in his long term memory. very sad

Anonymous said...

From MarcieR

I'm still trying to accept a lot of things! Some days I do better than others and talk myself out of not worrying about someone or something.

p.s. just started reading Navy Orders!

Mary Preston said...

My son was born with a profound hearing loss - after much crying & wailing - I came to accept.

Geri Krotow said...

Dyan, I like your attitude! Linda, that's so sad. Makes me grateful for the little things. Marcie, I think it's always a day at a time, isn't it? Hope you like the book! Mary, that's hard. Accepting something about ourselves is one thing, but when it comes to our kids, often it's the toughest thing for me.
Thanks for sharing, everyone!

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