Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Question Of The Month: Commemorative Day Edition

International Talk Like a Pirate Day exists because two guys decided there should be one day each year when everyone spoke in Pirate. We asked the Superromance authors: if you were going to create a day in hono(u)r of something, what would that something be?

Vicki Essex: There are so many days I'd love...International Hang Out with a Sloth Day, International Bacon-Wrapped Marshmallow Day, International Lick a Male Model Day... But if I could only have one, it would be International Truth Day--a day of enforced truth telling like in the movie Liar, Liar. Imagine how quiet the news channels would be if no politician could open his mouth without spewing out what he really means. We could finally hear how about we REALLY look in those pants, and decide whether or not to patronize a business based on how they actually treat their customers.
 Now that I think about it, Truth Day would probably be an international holiday where no one talks to each other...

Joan Kilby: I would create an International Random Act of Kindness Day where people have to do as many nice things for others as possible. Who knows, they might feel so good as a result that it spills over into the next day and the next....

Anna Sugden: I’d like to suggest one close to all our hearts - an International Read a Romance Day :)  Maybe even go one stage further and suggest an International Read a Harlequin SuperRomance Day. ;)

Or, because I collect penguins, how about International Walk Like a Penguin Day LOL.

Pamela Hearon: I would create International Hug Day--a day when everyone would greet everyone they encounter with a hug, whether they know them or not. 

Mary Sullivan: Let's have a Stop Texting and Tweeting When We're With Someone and Instead Talk to the Person We're With Day.

Liz Talley: I'm going with "Feed Your Inner Kid" day. You can eat Frosted Flakes, gummy worms, Cheetos and cupcakes ALL DAY! No veggies allowed.  

Laura Drake: I'd have a 'mentoring day' - you'd find someone who has interest in your career, or your hobby, and you'd show them the joy you find in it.

Kate Kelly: How about Go For A Walk Day? Everyone has to go outside for a walk. Amazing how a bit of fresh air and exercise can improve your day.
Tara Taylor Quinn: I would have National Talk To Your Family Day.  A day where everyone had contact with every member of their family – regardless of issues or anger, or even whether or not they just spoke the day before.  We take family for granted.  Sometimes siblings get angry with each other and don’t speak for long lengths of time.  And yet, they are always there, in the back of our hearts, and if we don’t make a point of healing the conflicts, just enough to stay in touch, the day will come when it will be too late.  If we all knew there was that one day, when we were going to have to have contact, we’d be more apt to heal the hurts sooner.  Or the day will do it for us!

Kris Fletcher:  I'm sure there are already days for the things that make my life worthwhile - doughnuts, ice cream, and lattes. And there are days celebrating adoption, a cause near and dear to my own heart. But how about an International Harrison Ford Day? Everyone would dress as characters from his movies while competing in events such as Race the Giant Runaway Ball, Wrestle the Wookie, or the Carbonite Freeze Challenge.

Jennifer Lohmann: National Try Something New Day. Maybe even "try something that scares you" day. A little push for us all to get out of our comfort zones.

Karina Bliss: How about International Considerate Driver Day. With a smile. Everyone gets to their destination happy.
Geri Krotow: National Nap Day sounds good to me. Every one has to take at least a 15-min catnap. It cleanses the mind of all the busy chatter, and gets us ready to tackle our afternoon workload.   

Now, as we leave you with a lullaby from The Arrogant Worms, we ask you,dear readers: what do YOU think is in need of a day of celebration?


Mary Preston said...

I think we need to celebrate Good Neighbours Day. Promote & encourage communities to come together.

kris said...

Oh, Mary, that ABSOLUTELY works. Great idea!

mj compton said...

I would love a Do Not Disturb Day.

kris said...

Molly - brilliant.

Kaelee said...

I love most of the suggestions from the authors. I can follow Anna Sugden's suggestion everyday as I usually manage to read a bit of romance each day.

I'd love to suggest a non swearing day as I hate how often certain words come up in overheard conversations. I'm not a prude and I do swear sometimes but not every third or fourth word.

kris said...

Oh Kaelee! Yes, there are definitely times when a No Swearing Day would be SOOOOOOOO welcome!

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