Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cross-country Trips (and a giveaway!)

by Cathryn Parry
This week, I’m getting ready to travel from my home on the east coast of the United States, all the way to the west coast of the United States, in order to visit family.  I’m excited to see my young nieces and nephews, but I’m anxious, too.

When I was younger I thought nothing of traveling alone—did it all the time, in fact, happily.  That was before I was made aware of the dangers of traveling alone, especially for a woman.  Over the years, my modes of traveling have changed to keep personal safety in mind—always accompanied by family, friends or colleagues.

Now, I’m taking a walk on the wild side again.    J   It’s good for me to step from my comfort zone every now and then.

So, my tickets are purchased—arriving and departing during daylight hours.  My pickups and drop-offs to and from the airport are arranged.  My suitcase is (mostly) packed.

Since I’m flying on a carrier that does not provide food on the plane, and I don’t have enough of a layover window mid-route to purchase meals, I need to think about food I can carry onboard with me.  Do you have any ideas?  What works well for you?  Any tips or tricks for making air travel more comfortable?

Please leave me a comment—any support or advice is appreciated!  I’m giving away a copy of my July Superromance, randomly-selected from the comments, with the winner posted on Saturday.   Thank you for visiting and reading!
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Cathryn Parry is the winner of the 2013 Booksellers’ Best Award for her December Superromance, The Long Way Home.  She lives in New England with her husband and her neighbor’s cat, Otis.  Besides writing romance novels, she loves figure skating, genealogy research and traveling whenever possible.  :-) For more information about her books, please see her website at www.CathrynParry.com.




Anonymous said...

Stay safe on your trip. I drove myself from California to North Carolina. But, my husband was behind me in his truck, so I was never really "alone" But, I did drive the whole way.

linda s said...

Have a great time. DD travels alone all the time. I think the biggest way to stay safe is to use common sense.
travel food... Since my kids were allergic I always packed our own food. Ham and cheese slices, buttered buns, sliced olives, dill spears, baby carrots and grape tomatoes. And bottled water.

Dyan said...

Your story sounds like it could have been written by me. I'm 47 and still pay for my mom to travel with me when I fly once a year! As for snacks, the easiest for me is always beef jerky (I make my own), nuts and dried fruit. Easy to pack and not junk! Don't forget gum or something for take off!

Good luck and safe travels! Enjoy your visit!

Pamela Hearon said...

With kids in Chicago and San Diego, I travel often--sometimes alone. My favorite, easy go-to food are Kind bars. I stuff them in my purse. Loaded with nuts and fruits, they keep me satisfied.
Enjoy and be safe!

Cathryn Parry said...

Hi Tammy! That is a long drive--someday I would like to drive cross country too, but like you did, I would prefer to have my husband close by! :-)

Cathryn Parry said...

Hi Linda! Thank you--and I agree about the common sense! I like the ham-and-cheese-slices idea (for the first leg of the itinerary), and I'll put them on my gluten-free bread. Hopefully the TSA guys will be okay with that!

Cathryn Parry said...

Hi Dyan! It just feels safer with a flight-partner, doesn't it? :-) I think I'll use the nuts (almonds) and dried fruit (banana chips) idea for the 2nd leg of the flight. I'd never thought of making beef jerky...I'll have to look that up!

Cathryn Parry said...

Hi Pamela! Kind bars...a type of granola bar, right? That's a good idea...especially in light of my g-f issues (I'll throw in a box of my regular brand). btw...You're a great traveler--I had fun reading about your summer-travel adventures on FB!

mary sullivan said...

Cathryn, it sounds like you are taking all the best precautions. I travel with healthy granola or energy-type bars. I try to steer clear of the ones that are high in fat and sugar, though. I'm GF, too, but I find now there is a great selection of them available! Almonds and banana chips are a great idea, too.

Have a wonderful trip!

Kaelee said...

Have a great trip. I hear you about traveling alone. I wouldn't want to do it nowadays.

I'm sorry I can't give you any ideas about travelling by air as it's been so long since I've traveled that way.

I do know that chewing gum kept my ears from popping. I even managed to get my non chewing gum husband to try it. It's the only time he will chew gum.

Mary Preston said...

I always pack food for any trip I go on. I always take food that is the least messy option. Crackers are great, but pack water. Dried fruits & nuts too. Muesli bars are great.

Enjoy your trip.

Snookie said...

Don't take any liquids with you because TSA will take it from you. You will have to buy water or a drink from inside TSA. Depending on where you're going you might not be able to take fresh fruit with you either. I take sandwiches. Peanut butter/jam, turkey/cheese, something that will be ok if it's not refrigerated for hours before you're going to eat it. Also take granola bars, trail mix or something you like for a snack.

I have traveled by myself on a plane plenty of times. It's actually pretty safe way to travel.

Cathryn Parry said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm here, safe, and appreciated your tips. I chose a name from the hat...congratulations, Dyan! I'll try to get this up on the main page now...but in case I can't, Dyan, please send your mailing address via the contact form on WWW.CathrynParry.com. Take care!

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