Monday, July 1, 2013

Please Release Me

Happy July!
It's release day for NAVY ORDERS, my second book in the Whidbey Island Series. How blessed am I to have a book published at all, much less my own series?
Anyway, as I came up with the title for this post I was reminded of that song by Engelbert Humperdinck (if you're too young to know who he is, don't tell me!). "Please Release Me, Let Me Go..." it goes on to tell about a love affair that's ended. For a romance reader and author it's a sad song. UNLESS we look at it as the stepping stone to the greater love. The One.
The reality for me is that I'm always faced with letting go of something or someone I value in order to make room for the better, bigger gifts. Clearing out the clutter in my home leaves me the space and peace of mind to write. I go through a clutter purge after and before I write each book. It's part of my process--I don't even realize it half the time.
Which is why I was painting my bedroom last week, after living in our home for 2 years. The white walls were blinding me! I opted for a warm gold-beige ceiling and what I like to call hot chocolate walls. The room is calmer, more inviting to sleep. A good thing when the summer light can derail those zzzzzs.
Is there something you need to let go of that you're resisting?


Mary Brady said...

Geri, I don't even know where to begin to answer that question. I keep most of my house uncluttered. My office is the one place where the clutter lives in the form of papers. I look around myself and wonder if I'm nesting.

Have fun with the Whidbey Island Series!

Kaelee said...

I don't know where to begin, as I'm a pack rat. I have been throwing stuff out lately in an attempt to unclutter my space. I also resist change so it's a one-two punch when something has to go.

I will be getting your book sometime in the middle of July when it hits the Walmart shelves.

Snookie said...

I definitely remember that song :). Not sure where to begin on things I need to let go. My family is a bunch of pack rats, me included. We're not as bad as those people you see on that TV show, but we do keep things we should throw out or give away.

Geri Krotow said...

Thanks, Mary! Kaelee, moving every two years for so long has helped me with my pat-rack tendencies--just don't look in my yarn closet! Snookie, I think it's human nature to hold on to things. My grandparents were survivors of the Great Depression and they didn't throw away anything that could be reused. But they did keep it all organized, come to think of of it.

Mary Preston said...

I have the song in my head now. I'm actually having a big clean out at home. It's cathartic.

Geri Krotow said...

Mary I need to do a big clean-out. Maybe it's because we've been here 2 yrs and it's usually the time we have to move again (and aren't, thank God!) but I feel a de-clutter bender coming on!

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