Thursday, June 20, 2013

Question of the Month: You Got, Got, Got, Got Some Time

You have been given the gift of a free afternoon. The only requirement is that you MUST use it for something you've wanted (not needed, WANTED) to do for ages. Maybe something you used to do but no longer can, maybe something you have always wanted to try. Chores, errands, reading and writing are not allowed. How would you spend your gift of time?

Vicki Essex: A gift of an afternoon and I can't do errands, read or write? Sounds like a nightmare! 8 )Given the opportunity, I'd probably lay out the hammock and crochet. Just lying around and not worrying about the time or the things that I need to do is a luxury I haven't been able to afford for a long time.

Jennifer LohmannAssuming my free afternoon also comes with someone else to do the dishes--I'd probably make a leisurely dinner that uses lots of pots and pans and chopping and ingredients and time. There would be dessert and an audiobook to listen to while I cook. And wine. And a cocktail for when the clock hits 5 p.m.

Geri Krotow: I'd knit, or go ice skating. Or, I'd love most to go to a great movie, with popcorn that has zero calories. 

Mary Sullivan: I would drive out of the city and head to one of Ontario's gorgeous conservation areas and take a long, long hike. I miss nature. I miss my little plot of land I used to live on that backed onto forest. Don't get me wrong. I love the city and all it has to offer, but nature renews me.

Liz Talley: I need a looooong afternoon :-) I’d start with lunch at a local spot with a friend or two.  After a nice cocktail, I’d head out to shop where I’d find tons of fabulous deals and a spectacular new pair of shoes. After I bid my friends adios, I’d head to a spa for a facial.  Of course, it would be one of those days where I looked good, my hair behaved and any friends I meet say, “Have you lost weight?”  On my way home, I’d pick up marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and head to the lake to meet my guys.

Anna Sugden: Oooh – decisions, decisions! I’d either play a computer game (I haven’t managed to get to the last two from my favourite game company!) – I’m a big fan of adventure games <g> - or I’d teach myself to crochet again (can’t seem to get the hang of it!) or I’d learn how to make jams and jellies from all the fruit from our garden, which is stored in the freezer. And I might just find time to do a little shoe shopping ;)

Pamela Hearon: I would take to the ziplines!  We have a new one that just opened in our area, and I can't wait to try it out, but I haven't been able to find the time.  The leisurely afternoon will be precisely the opportunity I've been waiting for!

Jeannie Watt:  I would have a Perry Mason DVD marathon while sewing...or...I would go sale shopping with my daughter. It depends on where I am when I get my free afternoon.

Tara Taylor Quinn:  I would go in-line skating, at least fifteen miles, and then lay at the pool, letting the heat seep into my bones, soothing them.  After that I’d lay on a raft in the water and read, drinking something fruity with a touch a vodka until time to grill the steaks.

Mary Brady: I'd try my hand at painting. I'd find an instructor to teach me a few basics and I'd practice all afternoon, in the sunshine, at a cafe along the river, so someone could keep me in wine and cheese as I make my third grade brush strokes. And maybe by the end of the day, I'd be up to par with an average middle school student. 

Cathryn Parry:   A free afternoon? Sounds like heaven! My beach chair is going in the car trunk, and I'm driving to the ocean. I'll set up on the shore line with my feet in the water and a book in my lap. Yup, heaven.

Kris Fletcher: The kids are all in school, right? Okay. First, a lovely long walk. Next, a cozy chair, a bottomless iced latte, and a slice of my favorite lasagna pizza, cut up in tiny bites. Add every season of Big Bang Theory and I'm in heaven!


Mary Preston said...

That is a very good question & I could happily take up some of these suggestions. I can see myself settling in with some favourites movies & munches.

Kaelee said...

I have to opt for a nice hike in the mountains followed up with a swim in a hot springs. If i got to see some flora and fauna along the way it would be just lovely.

Beth Andrews said...

I'd hit the flea market and possibly a few antique stores. Haven't been to either of those in ages!

kris said...

Mary, sounds like an excellent plan.

Kaelee, oh, how lovely! As long as the fauna is of the shy and adorable type, of course :-)

Beth, what fun! Love that thought!

liztalley said...

Oh, Kris, I love Big Bang Theory. If my facial gets canceled, can I come over and eat pizza and watch? I promise I'll be quiet...except during the funny parts. No promises I don't laugh until I snort!

Jo's Daughter said...

I would have a girly afternoon with my sister. She would also have a free afternoon & we could visit some nice shops, have a great meal at a cozy restaurant, talk for hours and feel happy, relaxed & super close :)

Or I would have her over at my cottage and we would watch one of our fav films, bake cupcakes & eat them, chat, laugh, drink tea... Some simple fun things girls do, always fun.

kris said...

Liz, the more the merrier, especially if we're snorting at the same time. I'll have the pizza waiting :-)

Jo's Daughter - oh, a sister afternoon sounds so lovely! That's a fabulous idea. Definitely at the cottage. Those places are made for relaxation and laughter. I think you should make that happen!

Fedora said...

What?! No reading? ;) OK, hmm... without kids, maybe I'd see if I could squeeze in an extra ballet class. Or go clearance rack shopping--that's fun only when you have loads of time and no real goal in mind ;) My kids are after me to crochet something for them, which might be fun, but it might also be work ;)

linda s said...

some great ideas here. But if I couldn't read I would have to go book shopping.

Kristina Mathews said...

If I can't read or write, then I'm at the ballpark. I'm behind home plate, got garlic fries and an IPA. Then maybe I've got a hotel room within walking distance. I'll take a nap before heading out to dinner.

Go Giants

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