Thursday, April 18, 2013

Camp vs Camp

Synchronicity? Coincidence? No matter how you explain it, the fact remains that two of this month's Superromance releases are set at summer camps! RITA finalist Pamela Hearon's The Summer Place and Kris Fletcher's debut novel A Better Father share a similar setting - but do the similarities end there? There's only one way to find out. Welcome to Camp vs. Camp!

Camp Sunny Daze
(The Summer Place)
Camp Overlook
(A Better Father)
On Kentucky Lake not far from Kentucky Dam in western Kentucky
On the St. Lawrence River in the Canadian Thousand Islands

Primary Staff  
Assistant Director and Head Boys’ Counselor--Rick Warren, a former Marine.  A sexy Southern gentleman with old school ideas about manners and discipline.
Head Girls’ Counselor--Summer Delaney, founder of Fairy Princess Parties and daughter of the camp’s owners.  A free spirit, determined to empower the girls in her charge and take over her rightful place as Assistant  Director of the camp.
New Owner – Sam Catalano, former NHL star and spokesman for Cold Ice body wash.  He bought the camp to provide a new start for himself and his toddler son Casey.
Assistant Director – Libby Kovak. Libby planned to be a teacher until life decided to yank the rug out from beneath her feet. Since then she's made the camp her life, and there's no way she'll give it up to the man who broke her heart when she needed him most.

Best Place to Steal a Kiss

On the moonlit beach (after the kids have gone to bed, of course!).
Hiding beneath the dive raft. Not that anything REALLY happened under there, no matter what people say about the broken strap on Libby's bathing suit.
Most Requested Campfire Song
The Sunny Daze Camp Song! (please, sing along to the tune of  “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [preferably holding hands in a big circle that moves round and round,  faster and faster with each verse.  Collapse on the ground in a giggling heap at the end]).
Sunny Daze , the camp for me/Camp for me,  Camp for me.
Sunny Daze, the camp for me/The summer place to be!

Just a Boy and a Girl In a Little Canoe … though the lyrics have been altered to refer back to that dive raft incident. Which absolutely wasn't an incident. Really.

Favorite Activities
Archery, canoeing, swimming, geochaching, and zip-lining for the children.  The counselors enjoy moonlight swims, moonlight chats, moonlight walks, and moonlight beaming  through the cabin windows during  Adult Activity Time. 

The kids enjoy crafts, swimming, pulling pranks, and competing in the Tour de Camp. Sam has a fondness for tricking Libby into archery (which she detests) and trying to steal kisses. Libby is into supervising the staff, playing with Sam's son, and trying to make herself believe that kissing Sam is not in her best interest.

Hmmmm. Sounds like the camps have a lot in common after all. They're both filled with fun activities, laughing kids, and a lot of romance!

Now that you've seen our answers, we want to know: if you were writing a story set at a summer camp, where would you have the characters steal a kiss or two? 


Anonymous said...

From MarcieR

I'd have them steal a kiss around the campfire - after the kids have been in bed a looonnnngggg time.

It would be a sticky, sweet kiss from eating toasted marshmallows.

kris said...

Marcie, that sounds perfect. And ever so sweet in so many ways :-)

Pamela Hearon said...

I have a scene with s'mores--but it's right before the Black moment--so no kisses:-( But there is an almost-cookie kiss:-)

Snookie said...

Hmmm, anywhere the camp kids aren't would be a good start :) I would say in the shadows at dusk or in the evening or behind a building or in the camp office during the day :)

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