Thursday, March 14, 2013

Question of the Month: The End of the Rainbow

It's time for the Question of the Month! With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, Superromance authors were asked this question: 

What would you want to find at the end of a rainbow?

Pamela Hearon: At the end of the rainbow, there's a journey back in time to meet the real King Arthur--or the man who inspired the legend.  He's always been my secret passion:-)

Jeannie Watt: Easy one--Pierce Brosnan and Guinness.

Joan Kilby: Whatever is at the end of a rainbow would be magical, right? I would love to find a pure white unicorn and seated astride it would be the Old Spice guy. He would lift me on behind him and we would ride through a sunlight dappled forest to a beautiful meadow full of flowers and birds. We would alight for a picnic all set up at a linen-clad table with champagne and delicious foods. Mmm mmm. I would be decades younger, of course, and wearing a flowing gown with flowers in my long golden locks, lol.  

Liz Talley: I’d love to find one of my Christmas Eve celebrations of year’s past. In the past ten years, I’ve lost many, many family members, including my grandparents with whom I was very close. I would love a one evening do-over where I can eat sausage balls, my grandmother pralines and tease my Uncle Bubba while everyone tells old stories and hugs each other often. It’s mushy and overly sentimental, but you did ask what I’d like to find. I miss that big, noisy, teasing family and I’d totally take a rewind on one of those Christmas Eves.

Rogenna Brewer: I'd settle for a wealthy Irishman and a pint of Guinness--oh, wait that's Jeannie's answer.

Kris Fletcher: A giant restaurant filled with all the people I love. There would be a dozen or more  stages, each one holding one of my favorite groups (at the point in their career when I loved them most). The bands would play, the kids would stop complaining that I only like Geezer Rock, and there would be an endless supply of pasta and iced lattes. Oh and after spending too many hours in the dentist's chair lately, I would also like to find good teeth.

Geri  Krotow: At the end of the rainbow I'd like a massage, in-home dry sauna installed in my basement, and a weekend spa get-away with my closest gal pals.

Vicki Essex: Jeremy Renner, sitting in an all-you-can-eat gourmet ice cream shop, offering me the cure to lactose intolerance and weight gain.

Ellen Hart: At the end of the rainbow, I'd like a magic wand and a book of well-documented spells. Not that biting spell book from Harry Potter, but one more like Real Simple magazine with an excellent index.

Karina Bliss: Since no one wants the actual pot of gold, I'LL take it (if only to prove that writers can also be business-minded). But in keeping with the spirit of this, I'll leave the pot as a water bowl for the unicorn.

Linda Warren: I like this question because in my October Super the heroine's sister has painted a mural of a rainbow and clouds on her bedroom ceiling. When the heroine asks her what she expects to find at the end of the rainbow, she replies, "An awesome guy who will love me for me." (every girl's dream). For me, I'd like to find a pair of red four-inch Jimmy Choo heels. I'd slip my feet into those beauties and dance off into the clouds. Of course, I'd be wearing one of those sexy outfits they wear on Dancing With The Stars, too. Most of you know I have rheumatoid arthritis and dancing is one of the things I miss doing. So I'd like to find a miracle at the end of the rainbow and just dance.   

And of course, because we are romance writers, we must include this beautiful song from A Mighty Wind: A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow. 

What would you want at the end of YOUR rainbow?


Pamela Hearon said...

Loved this question, Kris. It kept me stewing for a while!

Kristina Mathews said...

A self-cleaning house. Kids who are ready when it's time to leave. Money left over.

And a muse that is ready to work when I am.

kris said...

Pamela, stewing is good (I hope!)

Kristina, those are fabulous wishes. Fingers crossed that you'll get at least some of those in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

The serious answer - My Dad
The funny answer - Gerard Butler and he would remember my name

kris said...

Tammy - hugs on your dad. And LOL on Gerard!

Beth Andrews said...

Fun question and great answers!

I'd like to find four airplane tickets to Nashville (and back) so my husband, daughters and I could visit my son over Easter break :-)

kris said...

Beth, I'm snapping my fingers. Did it work?

linda s said...

My daughter having delivered a healthy new grandchild. With a winning lottery ticket tucked into the diaper.

Mary Preston said...

My 18 year old body. I lost it somewhere!!

kris said...

Mary, SNORT!!! Yeah, that would be something, wouldn't it???

Cecilia83 said...

very interesting to see in the end of rainbow. i wish i were in other country. i would like to traveling around the world. and maybe to see Hugh Jackman. :-)

kris said...

Cecelia, oh, those are GOOD wishes :-)

Kaelee said...

I found a recovering 14 year old great nephew at the end of the rainbow today. Good health for everyone would be at the end of my rainbow.

kris said...

Kaelee, YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! I am so very happy for you & yours. What a wonderful treasure you have found.

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