Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meet Author Cathryn Parry

Cathryn Parry

Cathryn Parry’s first piece of romantic writing was a love letter she wrote to the boy who sat next to her in first grade. By the next Christmas, she was asking for a typewriter to organize her growing collection of adventure stories inspired by Nancy Drew.

But it wasn’t until Cathryn was an engineer working a less-than-inspiring job in a ball bearings factory that she dared to write her first novel, a romance about a woman who found the courage to pursue her deeply-held dreams. After that, Cathryn knew for a fact she was a novelist, and was hooked on the writing process.

In her non-writing life, she figure skates (she competes yearly at the U.S. Adult Nationals), travels as often as possible for fun and adventure, and haunts archives in the addictive quest for genealogy research. She lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her husband and near her large extended family.  Cathryn loves to hear from readers. Please visit her website at www.CathrynParry.com.


Cathryn Parry said...

Rogenna, thanks for posting my bio!

Hello to all our blog readers!

Mary Preston said...

I'll be looking out for your books Cathryn.

Cecilia83 said...

Soon, check your books cathryn!

JV said...

Welcome, Cathryn. Nice to see you are breaking the stereotype that engineers are not romantic and don't do interpersonal relationships well. I always hate to hear that (even if the stereotype is largely true) because my late father was an engineer and was one of the most gregarious, social, people-loving people I've ever known. Well into his 80s, he would still recognize people with whom he'd gone to junior high school and could call them by name, usually completely flabbergasting the person he'd recognized.

(And could these Captchas -- or whatever they're called -- that we're supposed to type to prove we aren't robots posting be any more difficult to read?! I think not.)

Snookie said...

Wow, Cathryn, figure skating at a national level. Very cool! I've read both of your supers and am looking forward to reading more :)

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