Thursday, February 7, 2013

Question of the Month: Trapped in a Movie?

We're starting a new feature here on the SuperRomance Authors blog. Each month we'll pose a different question to the authors and bring you their answers. With this crew, it proves to be an interesting (ahem) experience :-)

February is the month of everyone's favorite holiday, Groundhog Day. (Aha! Bet you thought I was going for the pink hearts, didn't you?) In honor of the fabulous movie of the same name, the SuperRomance Authors were asked this burning question: 

If you had to be trapped in a movie to relive day after day, what movie would you choose, and why?

Geri Krotow: I know I'll get flak from my Super sister Liz Talley, but my favorite movie for this is Sweet Home Alabama. Yes, this Yankee loves me some southern romance. My family was stationed in Alabama for 10 months years ago, and the movie captures the beauty of the south plus has a wonderful romance to boot. I live for the kiss in the pet cemetery, and of course the happy ending on the beach. I can watch it again and again (and I have!). 

Joan Kilby: Before Sunset. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy fell in love over the course of one night in the prequel, Before Sunrise. They parted, planning to get back together. But things happened and they lost touch when he went back to the States and she, to her home in Paris. Ten years pass and they meet again in Before Sunset by chance. The spark is still there but their lives are more established now and coming together would be a lot trickier than ten years ago. They spend the day together, falling in love again against the romantic backdrop of Paris. It's a lovely movie, smart and funny and touching. The ending is so sweet. Will he or won't he miss his plane and stay? The movie keeps you in suspense until the last minute.

Mary Sullivan: I would have to choose Out of Africa and play Meryl Streep in all of those great clothes and hats. If I could I would edit out all of the bad things that happen to her, though, and keep only the love scenes with Robert Redford! LOL.

Vicki Essex: I'd have to say The Princess Bride. I love me a little fantasy, and there's nothing like a timeless classic and a dashing, handsome Dread Pirate Roberts telling you "As you wish," when he really means "I love you." Sigh.

Tara Taylor Quinn: My movie would be Yentl.  Every scene, except where her father dies.  That one is too sad.  But the books, the learning, the studying – and the last scene…  That last one as she’s leaving her home country and sailing to America, she’s on the bow of the boat her arms are spread wide to the sky…that’s the scene I would repeat over and over and over again – she’s singing at the top of her lungs, ‘Papa can you hear me?  Watch me fly!’  Love it.

Cathryn Parry: May I be Baby in Dirty Dancing? I want Jerry Orbach as my Dad, and Patrick Swayze as my guy. I could learn to dance by day, and spend my nights with Johnny. (swoon!) And I promise I will never get a nose job. I don't need Dancing with the Stars, either. Nope, just give me Johnny Castle. :-)

Pamela Hearon:The movie I would relive over and over would be Dirty Dancing.  I would get to play the part of Baby (Jennifer Grey), spending my summer at a fabulous resort and dancing (among other things) with Patrick Swayze in his gorgeous prime.  I would indeed be a Happy Camper!

Linda Warren: Since someone has already mentioned Dirty Dancing (loved to dance with Patrick Swayze), I'd like to relive Sweet Home Alabama and be Reese Witherspoon and having to choose between Patrick Dempsey (sigh) and Josh Lucas (sigh). Either way, I win, but like a Harlequin romance love helps Melanie to make the right choice. Love that. 

Rogenna Brewer: I'll take Top Gun.  A young Tom Cruise.  And the part of my life I've been missing since living it in the 80's.  

Kris Fletcher: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Seriously. Okay, I could do without the scene with the snakes and the skeletons, but I would love to drink the locals under the table and explore Biblical treasures. And, of course, learn how to handle Harrison Ford's whip. 

Darlene Gardner: I'd relive While You Were Sleeping. Not only would I get to be a young Sandra Bullock, I'd fall in love over and over again with a young Bill Pullman. Sigh. I've got a weakness for beta heroes. It would also be the holiday season, and everybody in his family would love me. And since I'd know everything works out in the end, I wouldn't even stress about the guy in the coma waking up and exposing me as a fraud.
Jeannie Watt: Assuming that I got to be the female lead, I would relive The Proposal over and over again, because I’d get to be an editor, I’d have great hair, I’d be hanging out with Ryan Reynolds—in Alaska, no less—and I’d get to have an excellent HEA time after time.  Also, it’d be great to break free of protective barriers and get a great guy in the process.

Ellen Hartman: I want to be Jeannie's stunt double for the scene in The Proposal when her character comes out of the shower and bumps into Ryan Reynolds nude. It involves some physical stunts that might injure Jeannie (or Ryan!) so I'm stepping in purely from a charitable point of view. And yes, I'm fine with reliving just this one scene and not the whole movie. ;-)
If Jeannie's contract doesn't allow for a stunt double (she might have to fully commit to the movie for artistic reasons), then I will go with my second choice. I would relive the last 2 minutes of Bridget Jones's Diary. I already own the shapeless gray cardigan and sneakers so I'm ready to start work at once. 

(Rebuttal from Jeannie:  Sorry, Ellen. My contract expressly forbids the use of stunt doubles--something about union regulations. Anyway, I am committed to reliving that scene over and over and get the picture.)

Liz Talley: OMG! Ellen stole mine. I want to kiss Colin Firth in the snow wearing my knickers and trainers! Okay, I’ll take Notting Hill. I love the hopeless romance of a huge celebrity falling in love with a travel bookstore owner (who works for Horse and Hound on the side). I love the ensemble secondary cast, the scene where time passes by to “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” and that park bench in the private garden. I don’t have a thing for Hugh Grant, I just have a thing for every character he plays. He’s so uncomfortably charming. Oh, and I love the line, “I’m just a girl standing here asking a guy to love her.” Swoon!

Karina Bliss: Colin Firth in Bridget Jones's Diary was all very well but darlings, seriously. The man was made in Pride & Prejudice. So aside from being the wardrobe assistant who tweaks the duckweed off his sodden shirt as he emerges from the pond, I'd swap with Lizzie for that final screen kiss in the open carriage as they drive away to Pemberley after their wedding. And I'll take the sequel. Married to Darcy, living in Pemberley... Fans self...No wait, isn't there a servant to do that for me now?


Mary Preston said...

Excellent choices, but Colin Firth in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with a wet shirt seals the deal for me.

Kaelee said...

I must confess that the only movie I have ever bought a copy of is Dirty Dancing. I have watched it so many times. Not lately though. Maybe I'll dig it out and watch again.

I have only seen Top Gun otherwise. Sadly lacking in movie watching lately. Did get the King's Speech from the library. Enjoyed it a lot. Now I have to check and see if they have a copy of The Proposal as I want to see the scene Jeanie and Ellen are fighting over.

Thank you for the chuckles this morning Ladies. They are always welcome.

kris said...

Mary, I think there are a LOT of women out there who share your opinion :-)

kris said...

Kaelee, hey, if you're only going to buy one, you might as well make it VERY worth your while. Excellent choice.

Ellen Hartman said...

I get it. The wet shirt scene is a good one, but something about that big coat in the B. Jones Diary kissing scene gets me.

All good choices! This was a fun idea, Kris!

Kaelee, my sister and I used to buy my mom a movie for Christmas and it was always something we wanted to watch with her. I think Dirty Dancing was our second purchase.

Kristina Mathews said...

There were some great movies there, but I would have to pick Bull Durham. Only I would have picked Kevin Costner from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The Big Easy with Dennis Quaid.

Rogenna Brewer said...

Loving these choices!

Unknown said...

My movie would totally be Grease (and not just because I watched it about a thousand times as a kid and can already quote the whole thing.) I sing songs about love and heartbreak, I enjoy some summer loving, the bad boy falls for me, and after being the good girl all my life, I have a naughty makeover at the end (but not too naughty because, you know, good girl.) Seriously? Bliss.

I would also be happy to relive Grease 2 because then I get to be the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer and leader of the Pink Ladies.

Karina Bliss said...

I can't believe I haven't watched Bull Durham yet. I'm getting it out tonight.

mj compton said...

I think there are some movies here I need to watch. And others I need to watch again!

Snookie said...

The last movie I went to (a couple years ago) was a pseudo documentary of Princess Ka'iulani. Don't even remember the one before that. I hardly ever watch movies or TV. If I have spare time I read :) The movies you all mention do sound interesting though!

Kaelee said...

I loved Bull Durham.

I think I'll have to go see something current. My husband got a movie theater gift certificate last year for his birthday. I wonder if it is still good. The last time I saw a movie in a theater , I saw the Incredibles on the recommendation of my then six year old great nephew back in 2004.

Karina Bliss said...

Kaelee if you can stand heartwrenching I'd highly recommend The Impossible. It's the story of a family of five who survived the tsunami in Thailand. Very moving.

Jeannie Watt said...

Tammy--The Big Easy....*sigh* Great pick!

Linda Henderson said...

Great bunch of movies. I do love The Big Easy.

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