Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girlfriends, Part 3 by Jeannie Watt

This week, Deb Salonen, Ellen Hartman, and Jeannie Watt combined their blog days into a threesome...welcome to Day 3 of the Girlfriends interviews.

Tuesday: Deb explains what prompted her to write a 9-book series set in a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I mean, seriously, girlfriend, how many people even know where South Dakota is?

Wednesday: Ellen answers those hard questions Really? You decide to write a sports-theme book and you choose hockey?

Thursday: Jeannie is quizzed about rattlesnakes and marathon running because...well, neither Deb nor Ellen get the running thing, but they're dying to hear some rattlesnake stories. (Who isn't?)

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's been a ton of fun interviewing and being interviewed by my friends, Deb and Ellen. 

Today I'm giving away a $15 gift card to either Amazon or Starbucks--your choice.  May the luck of Irish be with you.

Ellen: In "The Brother Returns," the hero, Brett Bishop, is a bit of a bad boy cowboy. When the readers first meet him, he's trying to remove a snake from the heroine's kitchen and he's afraid the snake will crawl up his jeans. When I read that, it was a surprising, but fresh detail and I've been in love with Brett ever since. Did you plan that this moment of worry would make the "bad boy" more loveable? Did you consider making him confront the snake with no worries?

Jeannie: Actually I planned that moment to add realism, since I have yet to meet a Nevada cowboy who isn’t leery of snakes. I’m sure non-leery guys are out there—I just haven’t met one yet. I think, since Nevada is rattlesnake country, it’s something mothers hammer into their young—stay away from all snakes. But you’re right about making the bad boy more loveable. He’d done a pretty rotten thing to his brother, so I had to make him as human as possible. The snake incident really helped the reader get into his head and see that he was a decent guy.

Deb: You’re a runner in a hot yet beautiful state.  What's that like?

I like the part after running the best

Jeannie: First of all, I never meant to be a runner. I fought it tooth and nail, but my husband coached cross country (six state champion teams), my kids ran cross country (members of those state champion teams), and eventually I ran, too (no state championships to date). I was convinced I couldn’t run because no one ever told me there were speed options. I thought there was only one speed. Fast. And I couldn’t run fast for more than a couple hundred meters. When I was in college, my gymnastic coach told us that anyone who couldn’t run a mile would be kicked off the team. I tried to run the mile, but failed miserably because I was, of course, trying to sprint that mile at breakneck speed. I  was quite possibly approaching the 4-minute-mile mark when I collapsed like a heap of quivering Jello on the track.  After scraping me up, the coach had mercy and did not kick me off the team. Probably because my team was like the Bad News Bears and we needed everyone foolish enough to be on it.

As to running in Nevada, I'm usually battling either heat, snow,  mud or snakes. There's only a few times of year when I can run when I want, where I want. Usually I run early in the morning to avoid the heat and I stay on the road to avoid the snakes.

Deb: Speaking of snakes, you must have stories of your own.

I do have stories. There was the rattlesnake that floated down the creek and docked next to my son who was playing in the water (that snake is toast). The two snakes waiting for me where I pump water out of the creek (also obliterated). The one my hairdresser killed with a rock in my driveway when she came to the house to cut my hair. (We have tough beauticians where I live.) There are many others, but in eighteen years, I’ve probably encountered only a dozen rattlers close to the house. My neighbor, on the other hand, lives in the adobe officer’s quarters of an honest to goodness frontier fort. It’s very old, as you can imagine. One morning she found a rattlesnake on her kitchen drain board. Compared to that, I have no good stories.

Ellen: You submitted to Superromance through the slush pile and you went through a few revisions before you sold. Can you tell us how that went?

Jeannie: My very first submission was rejected in late 2003, but the editorial assistant asked to see something else, so I sent the first three chapters of A Difficult Woman. A few months later, Kathleen Scheibling requested a full. She eventually rejected it, but offered to reread if I wanted to rewrite. I thought rewriting was a good idea, particularly since she’d pointed out some areas to address in the rejection letter. I resubmitted and several months later got a call (a call, not THE call) from Kathleen. I believe I babbled a lot as she discussed my book with me. This time I got an honest to goodness revision letter and revised. Kathleen became senior editor of Harlequin American around that time. Many months passed and I suddenly realized that my rejection had probably been lost in the mail months ago, and that I was waiting for something that was never going to arrive. I screwed up my courage and called Harlequin and, wonder of wonders, the person I spoke to knew of my manuscript! It was still under consideration. Three days later Victoria called me (Friday, January 6, 2006 at 9:55 PST—not that it’s etched in my brain or anything) and said that she wanted to buy my book. After the sale I revised again and learned a great deal about tightening my writing. I owe Kathleen and Victoria a huge debt of gratitude for all the direction they've given me.

Deb: You are a pony lover. Tell us about your ponies.

Jeannie: I do have a thing for ponies. I have three now—Dottie, Desi and Studly—but once upon a time I had thirteen. I would have kept every one of them, too, if my husband hadn’t noticed that we had a lot of ponies. We had two or three pony babies a year before I thinned the herd. There is nothing cuter than a pony baby.

Pony Bob with Mama Dottie and Aunt Desi

Dottie, Desi and me

Studly--who's not studly any more. I find this helps keep my herd at a manageable number.

Lightning Round

1. Favorite romance author.

One? Really? Okay, not counting the SuperRomance authors…Georgette Heyer, who introduced me to romance. But I also love Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody series. And Sherry Thomas. And Rafael Sabatini. I can’t narrow it down to one. Sorry.

2. Favorite non-romance author.

Dick Francis. And a bunch of other people, but I’m keeping this down to one.

3. Idol or Dancing with the Stars?

Neither—it’s So You Think You Can Dance for me. I have an autographed picture of Mark Kanemura.

4. Something we'd be surprised to find out about you.

I’m just a bundle of surprises. Let’s see—I was an Idaho state gymnastic champion back in the day—vaulting and uneven bars. 


Mary Preston said...

I have to feel for Studly who is not studly anymore. Is he a pony because he looks larger?

Snookie said...

I love reading Dick Francis books!!! My sister worked cleaning planes from 1997 to 2009. She use to bring home paperback books left on the planes because the airlines just threw them away. They had so many paperbacks in their lost and found that were never collected by their owners. I think people finished the book and just left them. Anyway, that is how I found out about Dick Francis. I've read a number of his books. Now I look for them at garage sales and used book stores. He died about a yr ago. He was a fascinating person!

Ponies... I love ponies. My mom has two batangas ponies, talk about attitude!! Did you use Dottie and Desi tail hair to make your jewelry?

You couldn't have been that bad of a gymnast (even if you couldn't run the mile) if you Idaho state champion!!!

Kay Stockham said...

Oh, Pony Bob is toooooo cute! Jeannie, how can you stand to give them up if they all look like that?! (Note: I'm wondering what response I'll get from Ellen for using a question mark AND an exclamation point! :) LOL) The pic of you in gymnastics is adorable. But that explains why you are so thin. You've always been an athlete. Sigh. ;)

Great interviews, ladies!


Ellen Hartman said...

Hi Jeannie!

It turns out I like pony stories better than rattlesnake stories. These interviews have been fascinating to me.

I look at your running photo with that long straight road in the sun and all I can think about is a tall glass of lemonade. My hat's off to you.

When you travel, does someone have to take care of the ponies? When you had 13 ponies were you able to travel?

P.S. Studly's name is the best thing ever. Love it.

Ellen Hartman said...


I'm happy that even if we're not both ex-McDonald's alums, we're together in punctuation anarchy.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Marybelle--Studly is half Quarter Horse and half shetland. He's a red dun (dark red stripe down his back) and usually gave me very interetingly colored babies.

Snookie--I collect Dick Francis books and I still don't think I have them all. I see such a change from his early ones to his late ones. In the early ones, the hero usually got beat up pretty badly and never got the girl. As Dick aged, I noticed that every now and then the hero did get the girl, and the last one I read the hero he beat up so many times finally had an HEA. And yes, he's a fascianting guy.

I'll have to look up batanga ponies. I'm not familiar. As to the horse hair, I buy violin bow hair because it's clean and of uniform length. I have used my horses' hair and other people's horses' hair, but cleaning it's a pain. By the way, Snookie, you have led a fascinating life.

Kay--Great to see you here! Letting my ponies go was so hard, because I loved every one.

As to being a gymnast, it was back before they put springy stuff under the floor ex mats--you know back in prehistoric gymnast days. I did get to march in a parade with Olga Korbut and the Russian gymnasts. I'm from Moscow, Idaho and when the Russian team came on tour of the USA, they came to visit another Moscow (population 14,000 at the time). Our shcool purchased the uneven bars from the tour, so I worked out on unevens that Olga Korbut performed on.

runner10 said...

I'm a runner too. I hope to do a full marathon in the next couple years. Never been to Nevada. I bet the heat is tough there.

Jeannie Watt said...

Good morning, Ellen!!! I do love exclamation marks now, too. I never used them because they go well in science writing. I find them very freeing.

Ponies make great pets. I know many people have a mean pony in their background, and I've had a few with attitude, but they're different than horses and have to be treated a little differently.

I'm not a MacDonald's alum because we didn't have one. My brother worked at the first Mac's in Moscow, though. I remeber his work pants smelling like fry grease and there was no way to remove the smell.

Jeannie Watt said...

Runner10 -- I've noticed your name and thought you might be a runner. Cool! I've thought of doing a full marathon, but so far have only done half's. One of the biggest challenges in Nevada is the altitude. I live in northern Nevada at 4800 feet, so some days are hard. We only have about a month of 95-100+ weather, but even the 80's can be tough when running, so I always run as early as possible. We haven't been able to run lately because of the rain and snow.

Rula Sinara said...

Hey Jeannie! I love your adorable pony pictures. Makes me want one. You looked like you were having a blast with gymnastics :). I also love the mountain scenery in the background after the long stretch of road you ran on. Great photography!

Your snake stories cracked me up. I'm sure they weren't funny at the time, but they way you put it... Your hairdresser would make a great, kick-ass secondary character, LOL.

How often do you go riding? Have you ever encountered a rattle snake while riding a horse? How do you handle a freaked out horse and keep from getting thrown?

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Okay, I am getting The Brother's return just for the snake scene!

We have had snakes caught in picket fences, snakes up against steps that you couldn't see until you stepped over them, snakes that turned out to be hoses....

So what is up next for you? Another snake, I mean cowboy story?

gloria said...

hate snakes, love ponies. Enjoyed the blogs and lightning rounds.

Marcie said...

Ponies and gymnastics - did you ever do tricks on your pony? Like in a rodeo or something?

I loved Brett. To this day, the last line (not counting the epilogue) is my favorite last line in a book.

EllenToo said...

I am a little bit sadistic because I love seeing either the hero or heroine get what's coming to them when they find out they don't know as much as they think they do. Of all your heroines I enjoyed seeing Jodie in Once and for All get her attitude changed.
I hate snakes and I had an adventure with a coral snake as a child. I was in our backyard playing on the swing set hanging upside down from the bar and was just about to let go when I discover a coral snake on the ground below me. As for ponies I always wanted one but we only live in cities and my family moved with my father's job so no chance at having one.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Rula--You know, I rarely ride now. My husband hurt his knee--he can run, but pressing it sideways to cue a horse ruins him--and since I have no one to ride with, well, like I said, I rarely do. I did trailer to town to take English ridiing lessons for a while, but I don't have time any more with writing and all the other stuff I'm doing. But having the horses and ponies there makes me feel whole and I plan to start riding again once I retire from teaching.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Julie--Lol at snakes that turn out to be hoses! I've so been there. My next stories involve cooks. Three siblings running a catering business in Reno. The first one is out in December.

Gloria--That would be a great tagline--Hates snakes, loves ponies. The lightning rounds are fun.

Marcie--I wanted to do trick riding as a teen, but lacked the saddle. I tried so hard to find a school to go to, but in those days, without the internet, I failed. I would have loved it.

Jeannie Watt said...

Ellen Too--Your coral snake story makes me shudder. I am terrified of coral snakes. I've never seen one, but I know the rhyme--red touch yellow kill a fellow--so that I'll know a real one when I see it.

I love a good sadistic reader. Thank you. I'm working up a sadistic come uppance today.

Jeannie Watt said...

Oh--by the way, Marcie, I meant I didn't have the special trick saddle with the loops and stuff, and my mom--ever the killjoy--wouldn't let me make my own out of a regular saddle. For some reason she was afraid that my handmade loops might break while I was hanging off the horse upside down.

Kristina Mathews said...

I love reading your books. It's a way for me to visit Nevada without the horrible sagebrush allergy. I miss it, though. There is something so peaceful about travelling through such beautiful and open spaces.

Debra Salonen said...

Top o' the mornin' to you, Jeannie and friends.

Is Watt Irish? Just curious. I called my daughter this morning to remind her of her great-great grandmother, whose name was Brigette O'Brien. My corned beef is already in the crockpot.

Love, love, love the ponies, Jeannie. And your reply to someone answered a question that I've had for a long time: why do people who don't ride their horses keep horses? Now, I get it. They make you feel complete. I like that.

We had frost this morning, but it won't be long before the snakes wake up. They are very dumb and disoriented in Spring. I've had to kill several over the years. I always look first to make sure they have rattles, then go grab a shovel. I really hate to kill them, but with small children and pets around, I simply can't take the chance they'll decide to move in and raise a family. Sigh. But, I must say, "Way to go!!!" to your valient hairdresser. A rock?! Wow.

Marcie, I'm going to have to go find that book and read that last line. You are such a tease. ;-)

I read a couple of Dick Francis books. I liked the race track insider stuff, but the getting beat up part wasn't my fave. Interesting, though, and he was a good storyteller.

I used to read a lot of Tony Hillerman, too. He also passed away not long ago. Giants in their genre.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie,

Another great cover - and your ponies are so cute. I actually like snakes since they eat rats and mice. There are some nice snakes. My husband thinks the only good snake is a dead snake.

Kaelee said...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

I love the pony and snake stories. Love the pony picture also. Pony Bob is so CUTE!!!!!
(Is that enough exclamation points, Ellen?)

Anyone planning on reading Brett Bishop’s story should read The Horseman’s Secret first. Will Bishop and his daughter Kylie and teacher Reagan Flynn made me fall in love with Jeannie’s writing style. I could not imagine what she would do to make me love Brett Bishop. But she won me over along with Claire Flynn’s help. In case you can’t figure this out Will and Brett are brothers and Reagan and Claire are sisters and Kylie is a troubled young girl but there are HEA’s all around. Thanks Jeannie for the wonderful duet.

Love the cute gymnast that got to work out on the uneven bars that Olga Korbut used. IMPRESSIVE!!!!!

I’ve always been fascinated by snakes. When I was 4 or 5, my family stopped at a small trading post near the Hungry Horse Dam. There was a glass cage with two rattlesnakes in it and it was love at first sight. Fortunately my sister stopped me just before I put my hand behind the display where the wire netting was. I have since wrangled quite a few garter snakes, pet sat a boa and had my picture taken holding a very big heavy boa. I’ve also learnt how to respect venomous snakes as well.

Kaelee said...

Marcie ~ It is a great line. I had to look it up. I also love the entire epilogue. Just read the rattlesnake scene as well. LOL.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Kristina--I also find a great peace in the wide open spaces. Sorry to hear about your sagebrush allergy, because that's a rough one to deal with. I'm so glad you enjoy my books.

Hi Deb--The Watts in my family are from County Tyrone in northern Ireland. My great grandfather left Ireland and homestead in north Idaho around the turn of the last century.

I hope you don't get many snakes this year. I remember you had a couple big ones last year.

Hi Tammy--You're right about good snakes. I usually find four or five big bull snakes in my garage every year and have to chase them away. I like to keep them around the house because they discourage the rattlers. Once I scooped a bull snake on my porch onto a hay fork and twirled him like pasta as I walked across the yard. It was the only way I could keep him from falling off the fork before I was ready to release him. I also have blue and red racers.

Jan said...

Your rattlesnake stories bring back memories of growing up and living in the West. Once when we lived in Northern California we lived in a new housing development where we occasionally saw rattlesnakes on the road, sidewalks or even in our yards. However, the builder was still putting up houses and I always wondered if they were importing the snakes to keep people out of the new building since their signs stated "Rattlesnakes sited here!" They never seemed to realize the difference between sighted and sited.

Dick Francis and Tony Hillerman are two of my favorite authors. I started reading their books when I was a teenager. My mother and I both loved their books--one of my favorite memories of her.

Jeannie Watt said...

Kaelee--Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about The Horseman's Secret and The Brother Returns. Those are the books I cut my teeth on, learning to write to deadline, etc. and hold a special place in my heart.

How fascinating that you're a snake lover. Rattlesnake love at first sight is something I have yet to experience, lol. I tolerate snakes, but the guy that teaches next door to me has four in his classroom, including a big albino boa. I can't imagine holding it. You're a brave woman.

Mary Brady said...

Jeannie, Happy St. Paddy's day to you, too. Horses and snakes and scenery. Enough to make a Midwest suburban dweller sigh. Sigh!

Your ponies seem to like you—lucky ponies. When we all live greener, maybe we’ll all get to keep livestock in the yard.

Can you still do some of your gymnastics moves?

Your post is lots of fun! Thanks!

Virginia C said...

Did you ever have a gymnastic disaster? I had one involving "the horse". I ran, gained momentum, sprung up and hit the horse. One leg went over...and one did not. I went forward and under the horse and landed on my head. I saw stars!!! Did you have any such close calls?

Jeannie Watt said...

Jan--I love Rattlesnakes Sited here! I wonder if having a rattlesnake site affected sales? I must read more Tony Hillerman. I've been saving him to start with book one and continue through his career.

Hi Mary--I used to have a pony in town. She was my lawn mower. Zoning is a bit stricter now. I can still do a good cartwheel. My wrists have been pretty beat up by the uneven bars and vaulting, so I don't do handstands anymore. Every now and then I'll try one, just for fun. I can no longer do a pull up, which bums me out.

Virgina--A fellow vaulter! Cool! Vaulting seems to be the unloved event, but it was my favorite. And yes, I had a wonderful disaster, in public, of course. I placed first in one of the local college meets, which was spectacular for me. The next meet, when I had lots of friends and relatives there, I was uber confident. I raced down the runway, hesitated on the beat board and ran smack into the side of the horse at full speed. I almost knocked it over. Quite mortifying.

Jeannie Watt said...

Another time I wore my glasses while doing my uneven routine and they flew off into the audience. Another mortifying performance.

Snookie said...

Hey Jeannie, When I was in my teens, I wanted to learn to trick ride and do cowboy stunts too! The closest I ever came to it was to run up behind my friends quarter horse/Welsh mix gelding, placed two hands onto his rump and vault onto his back. Couldn't make it into the saddle very well, but bareback was a cinch! Good think I only weight a hundred pounds, but now that I think about what we did, I don't know how the gelding handled our weight bouncing onto his back!!!

ClaudiaGC said...

I love your girlfriends talk! Have been looking forward to the third part all day. Thank god we don't have snakes here, they creep me out.
Good luck with your next book!

Karina Bliss said...

I'm morbidly fascinated by snakes as we don't have them in NZ. When I was in Canada I was morbidly fascinated by bears...turned out my Canadian relatives were morbidly fascinated by sharks (of which we have quite a few and I never think of). Do you accept snakes as a part of life? And how do you get rid of the critters.

Jeannie Watt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeannie Watt said...

I had the most ridiculous typo--worse than usual--and had to delete.

Snookie--Isn't it wonderful how patient some animals are with us? I love that you wanted to trick ride, too.

Claudia--I'm so glad you've enjoyed our talk! You don't have snakes? Wow. That would be nice. Thanks for the good wishes on the book. I'm at the point where I kind of need them, lol.

Jeannie Watt said...

Karina--I had no idea that there were no snakes in New Zealand. I probably should know that as a science person. Bears are fascinating. We don't have them here, but when I was a kid in Idaho, we had them all over the place. Sharks are the reason I have never been in the ocean. *shudder*

I do accept snakes as a part of life. I walk away if I find them out in the wild, but if they rattle and are close to the house or where we run, I dispatch them. I can't risk snakebite, you know? If I'm not close to the house, I kill them with rocks. (Aim, heave, jump back a mile and then access.) If I'm close to the house, I get the snake gun. I honestly hate to kill them. If I could somehow catch and release, I would.

Snookie said...

I am with Karina on the sharks and snakes! First and only snake I ever saw "in the wild" was a garter snake at my freind's house. She told me it was a garter and harmless so I didn't worry about it otherwise, my only knowledge of snakes were the rattlers in the old westerns and the pythons and boas you see on National Geographic and I don't want to run into any of those! We don't have snakes in Hawaii either but we got plenty of sharks and I'm in the ocean all the time! Guess it comes down to what you're use to having aournd.

sheandeen said...

I have enjoyed all three of the girlfriend interviews. Thanks for sharing little bits and pieces of yourselves.

I love the pony pictures and tales (note that is not 'tails' although they might be lovable, too).

I'm not so fond of snakes--in fact, the day I walked downstairs to our family room and found a snake curled up on the floor in front of the sofa, I about flipped out. At the time my infant's special education teacher was due to arrive to do infant early intervention therapy and there is a snoozing snake in their play area. Ugh! I called upstairs to my hubby to take care of it. He came downstairs and said, "It's just a little garter snake." I didn't care what kind of a snake it was, I had not invited the critter over for a visit!

I like the image of a bad boy hero being just a bit leery of a snake. ;-)

Jeannie Watt said...

Snookie--I guess it does come down to familiarity. If I get to Hawaii, I will get in the ocean. Promise.

Sheandeen--I can't imagine finding a snake in the house. That would creep me--even a garter snake. Too funny (now) finding it just before the teacher came. Better before than after...
I'm glad you're enjoying the girlfriend days!

Jane said...

It's so cool you were a gymnast, Jeannie. I wanted to be just like Mary Lou Retton when I watched the Olympics.

linda s said...

Oh, no. I wanted to say that we don't have any snakes here, so I googled. One of our soon to be ex- favourite places to camp has rattlesnakes. dh will never go back there, now. If I tell him...
Love your ponies. Wish I had room for a few.

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Jane--Mary Lou is inspriational. She didn't have a gymnast body and she was born with hip dysplasia, but she became a champion. An interesting footnote--according the People magazine, her college football playing husband-to-be saw her on television and told his mom that he had a feeling he was going to meet her and they would be married. Ten months later they met and later they were married. Yay, romance.

Linda S.--I camp lots of places where there are snakes. I just don't sleep on the ground.

Jackie S. said...

What a fun blog....this week especially....but always, actually! I was in the state spelling bee when in grammar school!

Debra Salonen said...

It was a great week! Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to Ellen for thinking this up and inviting me to play.

I'm looking forward to seeing who among you wins our gift cards. I just redeemed one at Amazon and it works great!

I'm off to partake of my corned beef and cabbage. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


liztalley said...

Oh, I'm late. Loooong day today. But I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your threesome (so naughty!) and I love the scene with the snake.

We have rattlers in Louisiana but I've never seen one. I've seen plenty of cottonmouths (water moccasins) and copperheads. We killed a copperhead in the sideyard a few years ago. The kids and their friends were taking turns trying to kick it. They weren't my kids smartest friends. LOL. My husband shot it and it was...toast.

Great blog, and for the record, sometimes when I run, walkers pass me up. Yeah, I'm slow.

Anonymous said...

Your mention of snakes reminds me of my own snake-chasing days.

Just to prove how tough I was and to freak out my sister, I sat near the stone fences and waited for a snake to come by.

Then I would scream and yell when I sighted one, or at least pretended to sight one, which then really scared my sister.

I thoroughly enjoyed scaring her until one day when I got too close. And, that's the day I swore off snake-chasing! My own way of being a pesky bratty sister!

Kaelee said...

I'd like to thank the three authors and all the rest of the commentators for some great chuckles and lots of insider info. If you haven't read all the blogs I recommend doing so.

My vote for the best post other than the authors is Sheri Humphreys on Debra's blog. I am still trying to figure out how she got the measurement. LOL

Jeannie Watt said...

Hi Liz--You're not late at all. Kicking a copperhead? Oh, dear heavens. Glad you put a stop to that. Cottonmouths and copperheads sound like very gnarly snakes. *shudder* At least rattlers rattle most of the time. They don't just lurk.

Rita--too funny about being the snake chaser. How close is too close? I bet your sister was relieved when you misjudged snake distance.

Hi Deb and Kaelee--This was fun! Thank you, Ellen, for coming up with the idea.

Ellen Hartman said...

Oh Kaelee, that comment from Sheri had me rolling. It's so funny. My husband and I actually had a conversation about the measurement issue.

I enjoyed myself so much this week. Thanks to Deb and Jeannie for joining in with such enthusiasm, insight, and humor, and for all the folks who shared the conversation. I just loved all the tidbits of info, the laughs, and getting to know everyone better.

Here's one last story. I got mixed up about the dates and thought this was due last week. I sent questions to Deb and Jeannie who said they'd get back to me with questions for my blog. They did not get back to me.

I sent them my schedule, letting them know I'd be away all weekend with limited access to a computer.


I checked email a few times over the weekend, but they sent nothing. Not even a hint of a question. I thought we were a day away from posting and I hadn't started the blog. I decided Deb and Jeannie were the coolest customers I'd ever encountered. How could they not care about deadlines?

I was trying to figure out how to send a polite email saying SEND ME QUESTIONS RIGHT NOW!!! when I realized I had the dates wrong. We had more than a week to prepare.

Hee. I'm very glad I checked the calendar before I sent that shouty email.

Deb and Jeannie are very cool and they have the utmost respect for deadlines. Plus, they know how to read a calendar. A girl can't ask for much more from her blogging mates. ;-)

P.S. I'm so glad Deb posted the knee socks photo. It inspired me to dig out my way back photo. It was neat to see Teen Deb and Wee Gymnast Jeannie. :-)

Donya Pedigo said...

Hey my Super GALS.. running late tonight, but I had to stop by and see the final of the threesome..
Jeannie as for snakes.. we have copperheads here in Ky. My hubby fought one in the backyard a year or so ago. Last year I was walking and saw a snake. The little (Correction BIG) buggar just crawled from the field onto the road in front of me. He just laid there sunning. Well not knowing what snake is what... I was panicking! Knowing from seeing the copperhead and my hubby that they chase you and launch themselves at you, I started backing up slowly. To this day I am afraid to walk through there by myself. Yes, I have done it, but believe you me, I have been looking in all directions!

Great 3 days ladies and can't wait to catch up with you all... HUGS!!

Rogenna Brewer said...

It can't be this late already :( Guess I'd better read the book to see how Jeannie's bad boy handles the situation with the snake. Sounds like he has a touch of Indiana Jones in him. I like him already.

Christy Olesen said...

Hi Jeannie, love the pony baby, so cute. And the photo of you sitting on the isolated road is beautiful.

I haven's seen any rattlers in NW Nevada, but I know they're there. We've had plenty of mule deer, raccoons, skunks, black bears and peacocks.

Deb, Ellen and Jeannie, thanks for some very entertaining Q&As.

a.k.a. ChrissieSue

Laura Russell said...

Your ponies are adorable. We live in rattlesnake country and one winter 'Sparky' tried to hibernate in our garage. It took us a month and a half to catch him. In the meantime, the garage was off-limits to the kids. And yes, we're all afraid of vipers.

JV said...

I loved your pony pictures and stories. Rattlesnakes, not so much. I really enjoyed hearing about your first book and how you became a runner. I tried that for awhile but discovered that I really, really hate it,, though not as much as rattlesnakes!

Autumn Macarthur said...

Oh boy, those snake stories make me nervous.

I find them fascinating creatures, and have touched and handled ones I know are non-venomous, but I had a big tiger snake in my house once (an Austalian venomous snake) and did not sleep for a couple of nights until I knew it was gone.

It slithered in the open kitchen door one sunny afternnon while I was washing up. Somehow I made a backwards ninja jump onto the kitchen table I'm sure I could never have managed normally.

Jeannie Watt said...

Ellen--I felt kind of bad after I realized that when I had told you I'd send you questions on Monday, you thought you had to blog on that following Wednesday. [You see, dear readers, Ellen had sent Deb and I our questions a week earlier and quite possibly expected the same courtesy. But since Deb and I are calendar savvy, we decided to wait a little longer to submit our questions, meaning we had longer to write them.] This was so much fun, Ellen. Thanks again for suggesting it.

Donya--Great to see you here. I would stay away from the copperhead road, if I were you. And the thought of your husband battling one...well, let's put it this way. Rattlers I can deal with because they aren't usually agressive. They warn you to stay away. Any snake that chases a person is terrifying to me.

Christy--You live in a beautiful part of the state. Peacocks, you say? Are they escaped domestics? My mom had peacocks once and they used to fly to the neighbors house and beat up their chickens. She had a lot of complaints.

Rogenna--I hope you do like Brett because he is my favorite hero and that book is my editor's favorite (of mine, not of all time, which would be way cool, but isn't going to happen because there is no Gallipoli ending.)

Laura--You named a rattlesnake? You are an impressive woman. I'm so glad you caught him. Like I said, I would catch and release if I could (which is what I do with spiders) but vipers are too scary to catch.

Hey JV--It's good to see you! Lol at loud at I hating running, but hate snakes more. Another great tag line.

Autumn--I can't imagine being around venomous that didn't rattle. It creeps me out to even think about it. Congrats on the ninja jump, although I believe I would have had to move after having a bad snake slither into the house.

All this copperhead, cotton mouth, tiger snake talk makes me appreciate my rattlers.

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